Best Comfey Build in Pokemon UNITE 2023

Don’t get comfy!

The best Comfey build in Pokemon UNITE is one that takes advantage of this Supporter’s unique healing abilities.

For Yuumi mains in League of Legends, Comfey will be right in your lane. Attaching onto allies and boosting their plays, Comfey is unlike anything we’ve seen in Pokemon UNITE so far.

Keep reading for the best Comfey build in Pokemon UNITE, including moveset, emblems and items.

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Pokemon UNITE Comfey Best Build: Moveset

At Level 4, Comfey learns Floral Healing, which many players are considering its ‘signature move’. Floral Healing attaches Comfey to an ally Pokemon, restoring some of the ally’s HP.

Once fully healed, any extra HP is converted into a shield, protecting it from enemy attacks. Comfey is also immune to attacks when attached to an ally Pokemon, making it useful for getting yourself out of a tight spot as well.

At level 8, Comfey should pick Magical Leaf for range and additional damage that can target multiple enemies.

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How Should You Play?

As a Supporter, Comfey should avoid jungle at all costs, picking a lane with fragile Attackers like Gardevoir or Cinderace to buff their stats.

In true Yuumi style, Comfey should focus on leveling up in lane until it reaches Level 4, where it learns Floral Healing. It can then leave EXP share for its teammates, forming a formidable tag-team approach to pressing in early-game lanes.

Pokemon UNITE Comfey Best Build: Items

Slow Smoke is the current meta choice for Comfey. This item slows down enemies caught in its area of effect, meaning they can easily be targeted by allies or Comfey’s attack moves. It can also set up escapes for injured teammates – Comfey can detach from allies in any direction, at a decent distance, meaning the positioning for Slow Smoke can be used to your advantage.

When it comes to held items, you should look to max out the Wise Glasses, to boost the special attack damage of Magical Leaf, the Shell Bell for passive healing, and the EXP Share to keep Comfey in line with the level curve.

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