Best Cookie Run Kingdom Layout

Looking for a new layout for your kingdom in Cookie Run Kingdom? Here are some of the best ones.
best Cookie Run Kingdom Layouts

Cookie Run Kingdom took its base-building feature to the next level with its version 2.9 update, released on April 18, 2022. With the said Cookie Run Kingdom update, we got Kingdom Layout Presets and associated features that gave players more room for customization to achieve the best Cookie Run Kingdom base layout. 

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With the Kingdom Layout Presets feature, which players can unlock at Cookie Castle level 5, players get access to two Layout slots and up to three extra slots that they can purchase using Crystals, the premium currency, and Aurora items. 

These preset slots allow players to save or load a Cookie Run Kingdom layout of their choice and experiment with the design to achieve the perfect-looking kingdom. 

That being said, let us check out some of the best Cookie Run Kingdom layouts. 

While selecting the best Cookie Run Kingdom layouts, we kept a few things in check. Such as, the kingdom must be well organized, the design should be as neat as possible, there must be creative elements that make the selected layout somewhat unique, and the layouts must have almost every building in it. 

Note: We may have different opinions regarding the best Cookie Run Kingdom layout. A design that aesthetically pleases the writer may not suit your liking, and that is why we have tried to add different sorts of layout designs to choose from. 

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The best Cookie Run Kingdom layout we have seen so far is the “2021 best kingdom design winner, Sylphie.” As an art student, his kingdom design was well thought out and looked more like a fantasy “kingdom” that we could ever make or think of on our own. 

best Cookie Run Kingdom layout

best Cookie Run Kingdom layout

Apart from that offering, here are some other Cookie Run Kingdom layouts from other users that we think fall under the best category:

That concludes our best Cookie Run Kingdom layout guide. For more on the Cookie Run Kingdom, keep reading The Games Cabin