Best Fiddlestick Counters in League of Legends

What are the best Fiddlesticks counters in League of Legends?
fiddlesticks counters

Hello and welcome to our newest League of Legends guide. In this guide, we will cover the best Fiddlesticks counters.


Fiddlesticks has been around for a long time in the League. Our favorite scarecrow is quite a strong jungler that has one of the best wave clears in the entire game. He is also one of the best starting junglers since his hp recharges on its own. He also doesn’t fall behind in the later stages of the game too, since his ultimate can deal massive amounts of damage.

These are all the facts that make Fiddlesticks quite a beast when it comes to the jungle part of the League. So there has to be some way to stop him? What are the best counters for Fiddlesticks? What champions counter Fiddlesticks?

Don’t worry, I got you covered with our newest Fiddlesticks counters guide!

3. Zac

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One of the best Fiddlesticks counters in League of Legends is Zac. He is a heavy ap bruiser that can stack almost all hp items with just a Demonic’s embrace for an ap item and destroy you. But the thing that makes him very effective vs Fiddlesticks are his abilities. Almost every Zac’s ability can stop Fiddlesticks drain, which is his main source of power as well as his best healing option.

2. Amumu

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A runner up for the best Fiddlesticks counter is Amumu! When it comes to countering Fiddlesticks, Amumu is a go to champion. You can stop Fiddlestick’s drain with your Q, but not only that, you can also stop the channel on Fiddlesticks ultimate both with your Q and R ability. You will be sad mummy no more!

1. Master Yi

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Master Yi

The best Fiddlesticks counter in League of Legends is Master YI! You cancel his drain with your Q, you will not get slowed once your ultimate is up, you will not take damage from Fiddlesticks’s ultimate when you cast your Alpha strike. But one of the most important things to consider is the fact that your dps and lifesteal are so much stronger than anything that Fiddlesticks has to offer. A Samurai will always shred a scarecrow to pieces! This is why Master Yi is the best Fiddlesticks counter in League of Legends!


And there it is! When it comes to defeating one of the seven demons of Runeterra, you only need a skillful samurai. Trust me, Master Yi is the way to go. But you won’t make a mistake if you pick Amumu or Zac. There are some honorable mentions too. You can also choose Nocturne, Elise or even Xin Zhao and the victory shall be yours!