Best Leblanc Counters in League of Legends

Find out which champions are the best Leblanc counters!
best leblanc counters

The time has come to cover The Best Leblanc Counters in League of Legends!

Leblanc is an assassin mage with one of the highest burst damage ratios in League of Legends. This damage makes her a nightmare for many champions in League, starting from Mid lane mages to bot lane adc’s and squishy supports. She is also one of the hardest champions to master in League of Legends, and even masters can struggle to carry games with her.

But even so, she is a nightmare to lane against so I have created a little guide on the Best Leblanc Counters in League of Legends!

3. Syndra

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Since her release, Syndra was always considered one of the best Leblanc counters in the game. She has significantly better range than Leblanc, but what makes her so overpowered against LB is her stun ability. Whenever LeBlanc initiates with her Distortion, she will be instantly stunned by Syndra, who is then free to use all of her other abilities, including her ultimate to delete LeBlanc in a split second.

2. Pantheon

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Pantheon is a menace to lane against when you are playing Leblanc! It was a tough choice of whether I should make Pantheon the best Leblanc counter, but I have decided that he should be the runner up. The thing that makes the difference between Pantheon and Leblanc is the fact that he has his shield that blocks Leblanc’s abilities, he massively out farms her, and he is so much stronger for the duration of the whole game. LeBlanc would need to be 5 kills in advantage to even have a chance of beating Pantheon, but even then it’s a very difficult task to do!

1. Galio

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Galio is the best Leblanc counter in League of Legends! A reason for Galio being the best counter for Leblanc is quite simple. Galio is an anti-mage, similarly to Kassadin. Difference between those two is the fact that Galio is more defensive and Kassadin is more offensive.

When it comes to the comparison between Leblanc and Galio, Leblanc doesn’t stand a chance on her own. Due to his high magic resistance, LeBlanc struggles to even put a scratch on Galio. He is quite a strong opponent for her too damage wise. When LeBlanc uses her distortion, Galio can simply taunt her and end her in seconds!


And there you have it! We have discovered the Top 3 Leblanc counters in League of Legends, with the best Leblanc counter being Galio! The other champions on this list were quite close to be number one too, so this is a tight race and it is all a subjective opinion that depends on players playstyle and preferred choice of items and runes!