Best Soulfist Engravings Lost Ark

Detailed breakdown of the Soulfist Class in Lost Ark
best soulfist engravings lost ark

Best Soulfist Engravings

In this guide we go over the Best Soulfist Engravings for Lost Ark. There really is one way to go if you want to maximize your worth, let’s dive in.

If you prefer the more consistent and quick damaging Soulfist playstyle choose Energy Overflow. If you prefer the super burst Soulfist playstyle, choose Robust Spirt. All the other engravings can stay the same. Take note that you can use both Class Engravings if you’d like. but the damage boost of Robust Spirit is generally less than other Optional engravings listed below.


iconRobust SpiritLv. 1: When using Hype, enters level 3 immediately, and while in Hype Mode, Energy recovery speed +200%. Damage +15%.
Lv. 2: … Damage +25%.
Lv. 3: … Damage +35%.
Guardian Raid
Abyss Dungeon
iconAwakeningLv. 1: Awakening Skill Cooldown -10%. +1 maximum use.
Lv. 2: … -25% … +2
Lv. 3: … -50% … +3
Chaos Dungeons


icon GrudgeLv. 1: Damage +4% to Boss or above monsters. Damage -20% from Boss or above monsters.Chaos Dungeons
iconKeen Blunt WeaponLv. 1: +10% Crit Damage but your attacks have a chance to deal Damage -20%.
Lv. 2: +25% Crit Damage…
Lv. 3: +50% Crit Damage…
Chaos Dungeons
iconCursed DollLv. 1: Atk. Power +3%. Healing -25%, natural recovery excluded.
Lv. 2: Atk. Power +8%…
Lv. 3: Atk. Power +16%…
Chaos Dungeons
iconSpirit AbsorptionLv. 1: Atk./Move Speed +3%.
Lv. 2: … +8%.
Lv. 3: … +15%
Chaos Dungeons

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