Best Striker Engravings Lost Ark

Detailed breakdown of the Striker Class Engravings in Lost Ark
Best Striker Engravings lost ark

Best Striker Engravings

In this guide we go over the Best Striker Engravings for Lost Ark. There really is one way to go if you want to maximize your worth, let’s dive in.

Since the Striker only has one main build, and both AoE and Single Target builds benefit from the same engravings, there’s only one priority here. First and foremost acquire the class engraving Deathblow. Then focus on getting Grudge Level 3 and then any of the other optional engravings listed.


iconDeathblowLv. 1: Max number of Elemental Orbs +1. Esoteric skills consume all Elemental Orbs and inflict +17% Damage per Elemental Orb consumed.
Lv. 2: …inflict +26%…
Lv. 3: …inflict +35%…
Guardian Raid
Abyss Dungeon
iconGrudgeLv. 1: Damage +4% to Boss or above monsters. Damage -20% from Boss or above monsters.
Lv. 2: Damage +10%. …
Lv. 3: Damage +20% …
Chaos Dungeons


Icon EngravingDescriptionSource
iconCursed DollLv. 1: Atk. Power +3%. Healing -25%, natural recovery excluded.
Lv. 2: …+8%. …
Lv. 3: …+16%. …
Chaos Dungeons
iconMaster of AmbushLv. 1: Damage +5% for successful back attacks.
Lv. 2: Damage +12%…
Lv. 3: Damage +25%…
Chaos Dungeons
iconSpirit AbsorptionLv. 1: Atk./Move Speed +3%.
Lv. 2: Atk./Move Speed +8%.
Lv. 3: Atk./Move Speed +15%
Chaos Dungeons