Best Yasuo Counters in League of Legends

Find out The Best Yasuo counters of all time!
best yasuo counters

When we are talking about the worst champions in League of Legends, only one champion come to mind. Yasuo. A horrible champion that was giving us all a hard time ever since he was released. That’s why I have created a list of Best Yasuo Counters so I can help you out with defeating this beast!

In his early stages Yasuo was unbeatable. He had incredible strength, unmatched power, and damage that was not seen until that moment.

As he grew in popularity, so did his fanbase. The amount of times I have lost the game due to the op enemy Yasuo or simply because I had someone that instalocked Yasuo and fed his way into the Bronze. Yes, that was still a time where instalocking was a thing and Bronze was the worst tier. I am old I know.

Anyways, to stop Yasuo you need to have a certain types of champions. The best ones that can do that are the ones that have the ability to poke his shield and burst him down.

Without further ado, let’s get down to business. Here are The Best Yasuo Counters in League of Legends!

3. LeBlanc

Leblanc HD wallpaper

LeBlanc is a great Yasuo counter because of her burst and definitely deserves a place in our Best Yasuo counters article! The key is to burst his shield with your auto attack, but that may seem easier than it is. Many Yasuo players expect this so they are likely to engage when you try to auto attack. You need to save your W in case he attacks, and if he doesn’t, refrain from ever going Q+W into him since he is likely to shield and your Q will be nullified. The best way to go is W+Q+R+E but always change up strategies so you don’t became obvious to your opponent.

2. Annie

annie hd wallpaper

Another great Yasuo counter is Annie. Like with Leblanc you need to focus your auto attacks on bursting Yasuo’s shield, and when your abilities are up use them to burst him down. Once you reach level 6 he is highly unlikely to get anything done. A perfectly timed Tibbers can stun and burn down any Yasuo that comes your way. Good job Annie, you deserve the spot as one of the best Yasuo counters in League of Legends!

1. Malzahar

malzahar hd wallpaper

The best Yasuo counter in League of Legends is Malzahar! Yasuo can’t touch him due to his great range and everytime Yasuo gets too close he is likely to get silenced and stunned with Malzahar’s abilities. The most important reason why Malzahar is the best Yasuo counter is because of Malzahar’s E ability, called Malefic Visions. The ability is great at burning down Yasuo’s shield and also it is not affected by his Windwall. You can stay under your turret and let the Malefic visions do the job. Yasuo is likely to rage quit!


And there you have it! The best Yasuo counters are done! Next time you see the enemy team pick up Yasuo you can smile and implement the things that I have shown you today. You are guaranteed to take the win since Yasuo can not match against these champions! That is unless you match up versus Faker, but that is unlikely to happen.