Bethesda Details Fallout 4 Season Pass Plans and Free Updates

Bethesda has decided to discuss what will happen with Fallout 4 post launch over on its official blog. The studio behind Fallout 4 has said that it wont spoil much of the game because it wants fans to experience it for themselves, but the firm does want to talk about what will happen with the game after it’s released this November. The first thing Bethesda talked about was regular free updates for the game. These won’t just be performance updates but they’ll actually add features. They will be akin to Skyrim’s kill cam or mounted combat updates.

Next up for discussion was mods and the Creation Kit. It’s mentioned that freedom of choice is a big part of Bethesda’s games and modding is essential to that experience, or at least having the option is. The Creation Kit won’t launch until early next year on PC, with Xbox One gaining mod support after that and PS4 a little after that.

Lastly the blog piece spoke about the game’s DLC which will all be available in a $30 Season Pass. It’s not clear just yet what the DLC will be but Bethesda has stated that it will be worth at least the same as Skyrim’s, which came to $40, and if the DLC costs more than that, it will still be included with the season pass.

How do you feel about purchasing a season pass when you don’t know what the content will be? Let us know in the comments below to be in with a chance of winning a copy of Star Wars Battlefront. Remember Fallout 4 is coming to a vault near you this November 10th.


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