Black Ops 2 Increases Monthly Users to 12 Million; Players Lapping Up DLC, Microtransactions & Season Passes

Activision has today held its latest quarterly investor relations call. During the call the company the company revealed that Call of Duty’s sales have been exceptionally good for the company and that DLC, Season Passes and micro-transactions have all been well received by gamers as plenty of cash has been siphoned from the wallets of gamers. The company also expects Black Ops 3 to be a decent money maker come launch day, and has high hopes for the title this holiday season citing the partnership with Sony and the PS4.

Additionally, Call of Duty Black Ops 2 now has an astounding 12 million active monthly users. During the last earning call Activision revealed that the number was 11 million, but with the run up to Black Ops 3, the company has seen its preview entries in the Black Ops series continue to sell well.

It’s actually surprising as Black Ops 2 is only available on the last-gen consoles, Wii U and PC. Strange, eh?

[Correction: There was a small error at the end of the article that said it was Black Ops 3 on last-gen consoles. An eagle-eyed reader spotted this mistake and the perpetrator has had his consoles taken off him as punishment.]

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