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Black Rock Shooter Developer Imageepoch Officially Bankrupt

Another one bites the dust, as the saying goes.

Imageepoch, the developers behind the excellent Black Rock Shooter, Stella Glows and Criminal Girls Invitation are officially bankrupt and out of business, along with their affiliate company Smile Online Games.

With a collective debt of over $11 million dollars, both firms are struggling to pay off their numerous creditors.

Imageepoch are perhaps best known for their various RPG titles which released on the Nintendo DS, 3DS, PS3, PSP and Vita.

It’s another sign of the times and unfortunately it’s very likely that this isn’t going to be the last development studio to go bust this year.

Bad times.

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  1. With casual gamers demanding stupid graphics over gameplay experience…thus the development studios are pressured to invest big budgets in all that 1080p bullcrap and then they failed it’s over for developers.

    The victims of the graphics whores demands:

    Irrational studios
    Maybe both Konami and SEGA.

    1. That’s exactly why some developer running away from (home) console development to mobile or handheld console… This makes more reason for handheld console to stay relevant.

      1. It’s confirmed Konami will move away from developing AAA console games. This trend will obviously continue. Are Japanese game studios declining or are they in a different path of IP development via mobile devices and handheld consoles?

        Because I remember the Sega Saturn years and all the incredible Japanese games coming out in that console. And now we see less of that. But I actually play JRPG games on my PS Vita and that style of games are perfect to that handheld console.

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