Bloodhunt FTP Battle Royale Releases New October Patch

Bloodhunt FTP Battle Royale Releases New October Patch

Today the gaming world wasgiven news of a new update to Bloodhunt which is the F2P Battle Royale set in the world of Vampire The Masquerade. This update will see the game receive a variety of features that fans have requested in addition to general updates and improvements to the quality of life.

What exactly is Bloodhunt?

Third person free-to-play Battle Royale experience set in the Vampire: The Masquerade universe created in close collaboration together with the World of Darkness brand team. Players will experience the excitement of fighting vampires in war as sects battle throughout cities like Prague and are triggered by the appearance of strike teams that were part of The Second Inquisition. Utilize your supernatural abilities with weapons, wit and intelligence to take out your foes and defeat the hunter and all the while trying to keep The Masquerade.

Sharkmob has published notes for the most current version of Vampire The Masquerade Bloodhunt.

The new update is dubbed “The Community Patch” The latest version of Bloodhunt will bring additional features. It will also introduce a new game mode and improved game on-boarding for new players , and many other enhancements as a direct response to valuable feedback of the expanding community.

The full patch notes are available here

As part of this update Sharkmob have also unveiled a brand new trailer that showcases The Nosferatu clan, who can be played by Bloodhunt. 

Blood Hunt Nosferatu Trailer

Patch Headlines:

More efficient in fighting

More Speed and More Action happens int he game. Faster pre- and post-match times archetypes, archetype selection and deployment allow you to enter and out of a match quicker. Solo players are now able to join an upcoming match directly without having to go back to their Elysium social hub.

Duos Mode 

From this patch onwards, players can take part of Duos mode that will mix with the current Trios which will support 42 players, and speeding up matchmaking.

Kills count 

Never ever lose a kill point due to a sniper shot or a haphazard drop. In the game, the person who kills an opponent is now awarded the kill. Assists are given for eliminating the downed person

Unlimited Loot as well as Daily Challenges 

You can earn bonus items by logging in, and then do daily challenges to accumulate store tokens in the game. New high-tier loot spots The Graveyard, Memorial Park and the Graveyard are now accessible as high-tier loot locations

Better onboarding with bots 

Introduce bots to the first few rounds of new players take part in, allowing more time to master the game’s mechanics prior entering the bloodhunt in full

Now available for PC Early Access via Steam and coming to consoles later in the year exclusively on PlayStation 5

The blood hunt by sign-up on, the website for official registration.

About Sharkmob

Sharkmob is a game studio that has headquarters situated in Malmo, Sweden and London established in 2017, and was acquired in 2017 by Tencent Games in 2019. The studio creates AAA high-quality games that are available for PC and consoles, using its Unreal Engine to power its goals of taking multiplayer game play to higher levels. Sharkmob has three main projects in development that include a battle royale game within the Vampire: The Masquerade universe that is available in Early Access on Steam; and two exclusive, unannounced games.

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