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Bonkers Yoga-Awesome Platformer Commander Cherry is On Sale Now (North America)

Playing games is often seen as part of the reason America is a land full of lard-arses. You sit around for hours a day, playing your games, drinking those fizzy drinks, eating those sugar-filled snacks. Tut, tut. It’s time to get in shape. Fatty.

The amount of Kinect and PlayStation Camera games are a little on the low side these days, especially for the PS4 and Xbox One. The PS3 and Xbox 360 have plenty of games to get your arse off the couch, but the next-gen consoles’ offerings are a little dismal. But there is hope. One beacon of hope in the form of a cherry-headed alien: Commander Cherry who, you wouldn’t guess it, is actually a really nice guy.

The game is currently on offer over in the land of Twinkies and freedom, so it might be worth digging into your digital wallets to save the local mortuary digging you an oversized grave. Xbox One players can get the game for $8.99, down from its original price of $13.99. PS4 owners can introduce some yoga to their gaming routines for $7.97, plus a bit of extra discount for PS Plus members.

We actually reviewed this one a while back and found it to be good laugh; definitely one to get some mates round for with a few cheeky beers. You can even use your dingaling if you’re so inclined…

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