Could Bully/Liberty City Stories/Vice City Stories Be The Next Rockstar Games To Go Mobile?

Rockstar has taken quite a shine to the iOS and Android platforms over the last few years. Where other developers and publishers have become fearful of mobile gaming and its effect on the console market, Rockstar has embraced it.

The latest release on iOS and Android was GTA: San Andreas, with Vice City and GTA III coming before them as well as Max Payne getting the mobile treatment.

They’ve gone down a storm with players and it seems that Rockstar are looking to continue their successive form on mobile devices by bring yet another game from their extensive portfolio to the smaller screen.

Rockstar Leeds currently has a “team of skilled developers” who are actively working on bringing “Rockstar games to the mobile market.” So which could it be? Surely not GTA IV? GTA IV is quite feature heavy and requires a lot more power than the previous titles released by Rockstar on the iOS and Android platforms.

Perhaps controversial open-world Bully could be getting a release on touchscreen devices sometime soon. Just like the other releases by Rockstar, Bully was once a PS2 title, though it did get a re-release sometime later on the next-batch of consoles.

Bully is just one possibility, Rockstar could be readying Liberty City Stories and Vice City Stories for a re-release. Both were successful PSP games and even got re-released on the PS2 and PS3 via the PSN under the “PS2 Classics” banner.

In my opinion, Bully would make for a great game on iOS and Android units, if they can get the controls right. Then again, Liberty City Stories did release before Bully and the 10th anniversary of Liberty City Stories is this time next year, so if we were to assume that Rockstar is releasing games on their 10th anniversary, then maybe Liberty City Stories is indeed the next game to go mobile. Until we hear more, we’re just going to have to wait and see.

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