Bungie Explains Why Destiny’s Sparrow Racing Will Only Last 3 Weeks

Bungie Community Manager Deej told IGN that Destiny’s new racing mode, ‘Sparrow Racing’ is only available for 3 weeks because it’s “an experiment.” Deej stated:

“We like for Destiny Year 2 to be event based. We like for different things to be talked about and to experience them together as a community… That could be something like Iron Banner, which is a recurring event, that could be something like Festival of the Lost, that comes and goes.”

As surprising as the Sparrow Racing announcement at Playstation Experience 2015 was, we weren’t too surprised that it would be a timed event. As Bungie’s Deej said, all other major Destiny events are timed based, too, so it only makes sense that the pattern would continue.

Bungie has known this is a mode we’ve all wanted since Destiny first launched back in September of 2014, and it’s great to see people getting excited to engage with it. That being said, we commiserate with the many of you out there who are sad that it’s only for a limited time, but for Bungie, it’s a real smart play.

At The Cabin, we’re eager to try out Wipeou-we mean, Destiny Sparrow Racing cough.

Are you looking forward to Sparrow Racing? Or have you already hung up you guardian status and moved on? Tell us all about it in the comments.

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