By Golly Gosh, the British Have Invaded World of Tanks on PS4

World of Tanks has already played host to many a great battle since its release, but one notable absence from the rota of combatants was the lack of British tanks. That’s all about to change as Wargaming has announced that the plucky Brits will be packing up their best china tea sets, their favourite tea bags and setting a course for war as they invade World of Tanks on PS4.

The British Invasion, as it’s called by Wargaming, brings 40 new vehicles for players to smash around with, as well as 11 brand new maps to fight the good fight on. There’s a short video down below that’ll give you the run down on what to expect with the British strolling around the battlefield. Bloody lovely, old boys. There’s also a quick list of which tanks are available and what the new maps are through here.

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