Can 5-Torg Be Killed In High On Life?

Images via Squanch Games

High on Life is perhaps one of the strangest games of the year, introducing talking weapons, wondrous locations, and a ton of slapstick humour that you’ll either love or hate. Critics seem to be fairly positive toward the game, and now it’s out in the wild, players seem to be responding well to it too.

However, as with any new release, players have questions about High on Life and secrets to uncover. With such a densely populated world to explore, bursting with colour, it can be easy to skim over certain aspects the game has to offer. One question players in the early hours have pondered is whether a character known as 5-Torg can be killed. If you’re in that category, here’s the answer to whether 5-Torg can be killed in High on Life.

Can 5-Torg Be Killed In High On Life?

Early on in High on Life, you’ll be asked to take down a character known as 9-Torg, who is in fact the clone of 5-Torg. As you enter the battle arena and spot them bickering, you’ll notice 5-Torg tied up in the background. Unfortunately, at this point, there’s not much you can do as you’re thrust into a boss fight with 9-Torg.

As soon as you’ve beaten them and removed their mandible, your objective will be to return to Gene and show it as a trophy of your victory. But what about 5-Torg? Once you’ve defeated 9-Torg, 5-Torg will be lowered down but still tied up, but your interaction with the character doesn’t have to end there.

Approach 5-Torg and you can initiate a conversation between you all. After this, you may be swayed to defeat this character after the communication that transpired. Luckily, you can in fact fight 5-Torg, and due to them being tied up in High on Life, they won’t pose much of a challenge either.

Simply fire away at them and a health bar will appear. Continue firing until it depletes and 5-Torg will be defeated. A short, but amusing, conversation will happen between you and Kenny, and you’ll have defeated a “secret boss” in High on Life.

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