Capcom Planning on Bringing More HD Remasters, More Street Fighter and Monster Hunter iOS/Android

Capcom recently released their financial earnings which contains their plans going forward into the next financial year and beyond.

The Japanese publisher is looking to utilise the popularity of their well-known brands by releasing more HD remasters in Japan and overseas.

It’s not just old games they’re hoping to tempt players with. No, they’re also planning on releasing more installments to their popular games, with Street Fighter being given as an example as to what we can expect in the coming financial year.

Going forward the firm are also looking to establish a bigger presence within emerging markets by using services such as Steam and other online platforms.

Once again DLC is mentioned as Capcom are aiming for “strategic use” of additional download content for their major titles in the hope of extending their life. Micro-transactions? Probably.

Mobile gaming is becoming a popular avenue for publishers to make some decent money and as such, Capcom expect to distribute Monster Hunter: Explore later this year along with Street Fighter V before the end of the next financial year. The publish also has plans to increase mobile revenue by targeting the female demographic.


  1. Capcom screw Street Fighter V with its bullcrap anime features. The franchise must go back to its 2D fast paced Sega Saturn/Dreamcast roots. Learn from King of Fighters Capcom idiots!

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