Carvanha Pokemon GO Best Moveset

Carvanha, which uses Snarl, Return and Crunch in its best Pokemon GO moveset
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By running the Carvanha Pokemon GO best moveset, trainers can find success with the Water/Dark-type Pokemon from Hoenn. Even before evolving it into Sharpedo, players can put in some work with Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire’s iconic piranha if they run the right moves. Here’s everything to know about the best moveset for Carvanha in Pokemon GO.

Tips For Using Carvanha

Shiny Carvanha in Pokemon GO

Before figuring out the best moveset for Carvanha in Pokemon GO, players should take the time to consider where it will be useful. As an unevolved Pokemon, Carvanha might not be the best pick in competitive battles against fully-evolved Pokemon.

Nevertheless, trainers may find good uses for Carvanha in Gym or Raid Battles and in PvP fights against other unevolved Pokemon. With its incredibly high Attack stat of 171 and its incredibly low Defense stat of 39, Carvanha is a glass cannon that trainers must use carefully.

To find the most success with Carvanha, trainers should use it against opposing Pokemon that don’t threaten it too much, like Psychic-types, Ghost-types, Fire-types, and even other Water-types. Then, trainers should aim to fire off some quick and powerful attacks before their Carvanha gets knocked out.

Carvanha Pokemon GO Best Moveset

Porygon-Z uses Return in Pokemon GO

The ideal Fast Attack in the best Pokemon GO moveset for Carvanha is Snarl. Although it deals slightly less damage per second than Carvanha’s other possible Fast Attack, Bite, Snarl also racks up a good bit more energy per second. Since Carvanha already has a high Attack stat, it’s more important for it to charge up energy quickly before it faints on account of its frailty.

If the player has a Purified Carvanha, Return is a solid option for one of its Charged Attacks. Although this Normal-type move doesn’t provide a great deal of type coverage, it has a high damage output, especially in PvP. As a result, landing just one Return against an enemy Pokemon can be quite impactful.

Meanwhile, Crunch is useful as Carvanha’s main STAB Charged Attack. This move’s utility depends on the circumstances since it’s stronger than Return in Gyms and Raids, but weaker in PvP. In either case, it can do decent damage and has a comparatively low energy cost. For this reason, Crunch can make for a nice parting shot if Carvanha doesn’t have time to charge up another Return before it gets knocked out.

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