Celebrate Fallout 4 Going Gold With Some Official Fallout 4 Beer (Yes, It’s Real)

Yes, the time has come. Fallout 4 is merely a few short weeks away from stealing you away from your social life, but for Bethesda, that’s just not enough.

For five days before Fallout 4’s release, UK fans of the franchise (and beer) will be able to get sloshed and enter a vegative state until the game releases with some officially licensed Fallout 4 beer.

Bethesda has teamed up with Carlsberg to produce an authentic Fallout 4 beverage that contains 4.0% ABV pilsner lager that has a zesty taste and a floral aroma. Admiteddly, we’re not to keen going by the sounds of that, but for Fallout fans it’ll be a nice way to celebrate the incoming release of Fallout 4. Gotta get them bottle caps…

What better way to celebrate Fallout 4 going gold than to crack open a few brewskies, eh?

Pre-orders are now live on Amazon.co.uk where a case of 12 beers will cost you just under £30. Ouch… That’s expensive, even by David Cameron’s standards.

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