Cheapest PlayStation VR Pre-Order is £339.99

Sony announced the official pricing and release window of the long-awaited PlayStation VR headset a few days ago, and in doing so it sent gamers into a frenzy to find the nearest place that they could put down their pre-orders. The RRP for the PlayStation VR is a cool £349.99 in the UK, but one video game specialist is offering the device for a little bit less than the rest.

UK-based Gameseek is offering the PlayStation VR headset for a full £10 cheaper than just about every other place that’s offering stock, so it’ll only cost £339.99. OK, ten quid might not seem like much, but for gamers looking to get the most bang for their buck, every penny counts.

What gamers need to remember, though, is that while this may seem like a good offer now, 12 months down the line there’s going to be a price cut on the PS VR headset, that much is almost a guarantee. Just look at the PlayStation 4 as a prime example: it started off rather expensive, then as time went by the price slowly crept down with retailers pushing bundles and special offers before Sony officially announced a price cut.

So if you’re interested in VR gaming but aren’t sure if you’re willing to drop the cost of a new console into the emerging technology, we recommend taking a back seat for a few months to see how things play out with the device and to wait for the price to come down a bit.