Check Out DriveClub PS Plus Edition Gameplay; Works Offline if You Managed to Download

Late yesterday evening we reported that the seemingly impossible had happened – DriveClub PS Plus Edition had released on the PS4 via the PlayStation Network after months of delays.

Alas, twas not to be. Almost as quickly as it went up, the trial edition of Evolution Studios’ DriveClub got pulled away. Bummer, eh? Well, it’s not all bad, at least for those who were quick off the mark. It turns out, if you managed to download the game while it was live on the PSN, you can actually play it without any bother. Well, saying that isn’t completely true – you won’t be able to go online and compete with others, as confirmed by the game’s official twitter feed.

If you’re curious as to how DriveClub PS Plus Edition looks in comparison to the full release, there’s a video down below. It’s actually a little weird looking at the barren menus – but at least the weather effects are included.