Check Out Six New Leaked Halo 5 Screenshots and New Gameplay Info

A few more screenshots of 343’s upcoming Halo 5 have surfaced on the web and they look rather neat, even if they are a little unpolished due to image compression.

We also have some new information from someone who’s played a recent build of the game and has decided to share what info they have. Check out the information down below with the images to follow.

  • Incineration Cannon is back and has changed compared to Halo 4. Players can charge up a shot and the longer you charge, the more powerful it is. Battery based rather than ammo based.
  • Railgun is back from Halo 4 and works almost identically – could hold up to 11 shots
  • Overshield was present had some weird screen effect when you picked it up – looked like a bug
  • Boltshot is back but doesn’t work like halo 4 – no shotgun fire mode. fires two shots at once and sort of tracks players
  • Suppressor is back and fires a lot slower
  • Blue outline on weapons was in the build
  • Killcams were disabled in the build, could spectate players while you were dead
  • BR spread was near-gone – fired so fast
  • Spartan chatter was reduced hugely, less pointless callouts
  • Spartan bro moments cut down, game ending segment is just your spartans walking towards the screen, no more highfives and shit
  • Killfeed modified to be like this: “PLAYER NAME” “WEAPON KILLED WITH” “PLAYER NAME”
  • Pistol RoF is modified to be slower but is a lot more powerful – competes with AR and BR
  • Ground pound is harder to use, radius is tiny
  • Overshield was bugged, my shields said i constantly had it even after death

Check out the six images down below. To view images full screen, right click the image and then select ‘view image.’halo 1 halo 2 halo 3 halo 4 halo 5 halo 6

Halo 5: Guardians drops out of orbit this October 27th on the Xbox One. Amazon US and Amazon UK are both taking pre-orders for Master Chief’s latest adventure.

via Neogaf , 4Chan

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