Check Out Six New Leaked Halo 5 Screenshots and New Gameplay Info

A few more screenshots of 343’s upcoming Halo 5 have surfaced on the web and they look rather neat, even if they are a little unpolished due to image compression.

We also have some new information from someone who’s played a recent build of the game and has decided to share what info they have. Check out the information down below with the images to follow.

  • Incineration Cannon is back and has changed compared to Halo 4. Players can charge up a shot and the longer you charge, the more powerful it is. Battery based rather than ammo based.
  • Railgun is back from Halo 4 and works almost identically – could hold up to 11 shots
  • Overshield was present had some weird screen effect when you picked it up – looked like a bug
  • Boltshot is back but doesn’t work like halo 4 – no shotgun fire mode. fires two shots at once and sort of tracks players
  • Suppressor is back and fires a lot slower
  • Blue outline on weapons was in the build
  • Killcams were disabled in the build, could spectate players while you were dead
  • BR spread was near-gone – fired so fast
  • Spartan chatter was reduced hugely, less pointless callouts
  • Spartan bro moments cut down, game ending segment is just your spartans walking towards the screen, no more highfives and shit
  • Killfeed modified to be like this: “PLAYER NAME” “WEAPON KILLED WITH” “PLAYER NAME”
  • Pistol RoF is modified to be slower but is a lot more powerful – competes with AR and BR
  • Ground pound is harder to use, radius is tiny
  • Overshield was bugged, my shields said i constantly had it even after death

Check out the six images down below. To view images full screen, right click the image and then select ‘view image.’halo 1 halo 2 halo 3 halo 4 halo 5 halo 6

Halo 5: Guardians drops out of orbit this October 27th on the Xbox One. Amazon US and Amazon UK are both taking pre-orders for Master Chief’s latest adventure.

via Neogaf , 4Chan

  1. Halo is dead. Bungie left this universe, and idiots from 343 can’t develop true Halo game. Long dead the king. And it looks like game from Xbox 360. Lame.

    1. Right, because Bungie did such a great job with the completely balanced and competitive multiplayer in Destiny. I’ll trust 343 over them, despite the matchmaking issues that lasted way too long, H2A the core game was more than decent. It was a pure Halo title that ran just as good as it played, no perks, no b.s.

    2. Bungie did great with Halo 1 & 2 but they were dropping the ball little by little after that attempting to keep the game fresh. Regardless, every installment of Halo be it with Bungie or 343 has been good to great. Not a bad one in the bunch with 343 doing a very good job overall! You can be bitter all you want but the franchise is stronger than ever. Past sales prove that and this version will be no different. Now go troll somewhere else sad, bitter little fanboy.

  2. This is a joke right? Those images are hideous I’ve seen far better looking games last gen, if that is real then people are apparently fine with medicority as long as it has the name Halo on it, you can try to defend that all day long but that looks absolute trash no matter what you say. Its pretty clear from this right here that this is a dead franchise.

    1. Yeah you def didn’t play the beta lmao”Dead franchise” Name an exclusive that sells better I’ll wait better yet name an multiplat fps besides call of duty that sells better.

      1. Mario which ever one you wanna pick that was on the Wii lool..? and how can you say name a multiplat FPS then directly tell us NOT to pick the most popular one! that makes NO sense!!! If Halo is the most popular FPS on Xbox then surely we can pick the MOST POPULAR fps thats multiplat duhh.. make some sense dude lol

          1. And? Leave your goal post at home.
            Question, name an exclusive that sells better, answer, gran turismo. Less games more total sales.

          2. Judging from there last outings, Halo > GT. Shouldn’t live in the past. The future is now.

          3. I can care less about the competition, just showing you how idiotic your statement was and after an 8 month drought, anything will be bought. Starve them dry then release a rehash. Amazing business to support.

          4. Halo 4 outsold GT6 by nearly 3 times the amount so I wouldn’t be saying GT outsells Halo at this stage. Sorry but iv linked you facts. Just because something use to sell well doesn’t mean it will always sell well.
            Greatness awaits.

          5. No, no you did not link anything.
            You are 100% correct. I stated a fact in the meaning as well. You are also making that claim on a game that had not been for sale yet on a console that is not selling as well. It is called stagnant. Something that happens. COD still out sells halo and it is also declining in sales.
            All you are doing is moving goal posts.
            I stated a FACT to a dare. Name a better selling exclusive. I have. Until halo passes total sales of the franchise that GT, GT is one of the best selling exclusives.

          6. No just no. Latest outings Halo outsold GT. no one cares if GT sold more on PS1 or PS2.

            GT5 (PS3) – 10.59m
            Halo 3 (360) – 12.03m

            GT6 (PS3) – 3.1m
            Halo 4 (360) – 9.44m

            Last Gen Halo > GT with there main games. Halo 5 is another main game and its up against a ghost of a game in GT7… Halo’s main series sells better then GT’s main series and at this rate, Halo 5 > GT7

          7. lol what? Last of us remaster, uncharted remaster, ratchet & clank remaster. Does the Ps4 actually get real games?

          8. They do. And the best versions of third party games as well. Awesome gamer features such as shareplay too. All for the same price as an Xbox one.
            Only two exclusives since launch on the Xbox one so you really can not say anything. At all. Hey look, another e3 with forza, fable, halo. Awesome. That didn’t get old three years ago. No.

          9. How do you define “best” versions of cross plats? Just curious? Is it resolution? That is the case but on many of those games where the PS4 has a higher resolution the frame rates were slightly higher on X1 with less overall dips. Not every single one mind you but many. So, explain how higher resolution makes it the better version when the frame rate an average hasn’t been as good?

          10. Best over all. Examples COD had both better, bf4, project cars also.
            In the case of better frame rate is purely based on a solid line in my opinion. Take the witcher 3 for example. Fankids jump at the highest available frame rate over the entire play of the game. Constant flucuation no matter the peak frame rate is not a smooth game. Added with flucuation in graphics, the ps4 edged out the win in comparison.

          11. Actually COD didn’t and neither did BF4. You need to check your references on those. The frame rate was slightly better on X1. However, Project cars did run better overall on PS4. X1 held a slightly more constant frame rate on the Witcher by about 2fps overall. Not much but it did and I have no idea where you are getting this “constant fluctuation” from. There is always going to be fluctuation in games that don’t have a locked fps cap. But saying it is constant on the X1 is just silly and sour grapes. Unless a recent update changed any of that you are clearly mistaken. It is nice and all that you enjoy your PS4, it really is, but you need to grow up a little and stop being such a fanboy troll. Why so many like you feel the need to go onto articles for games on systems you don’t even own and start talking down to everyone is embarrassing. If you don’t like X1, fine, that’s great. Go somewhere else. Not a difficult thing to do. Still won’t change the fact that the X1 even with some games at a lower res more often than not has the better frame rate.

          12. just, no. I know my facts. I will wait till your fanboy glasses come off so you can actually read the face offs. thank you.

          13. Lol…you must be confused.its Sony who doesn’t have much. They even launched with sane old killzone stuff that was mediocre. Then they follow that up with a delayed drive club and the order which bombed with critics. Bloodborne is the only decent thing for the ponies to graze on.

          14. They have the most console exclusives. They have the most games. They have twenty years of solid history that they push for more new and interesting titles than they do milking. Do they have repeats? Yes. Yes they do. Do they lean on them every single year and spend more money on advertisement then they do with actually making games? No.
            Six years running. SIX years of e3 for Microsoft with halo, fable, forza, gears, COD and another third party show off then cgi trailers of games to fluff the e3 that usually do not come into reality.
            Sales speak volumes and that is what matters. The games you listed, new ips for Sony sold better then the long running ips from microsoft so, that speaks volumes.
            Like what you want but, the average consumer is making Microsoft prove their worth rather than buying their regurgitated yearly hope.

          15. Ahhhhh that’s cute. No, no they do not but, until you get out of grade school and make it through high school, you might want to study business.
            I’ll take a company that had to restructure due to the decline in all of its products vs a company that makes money by deceiving people through marketing and commercializing. They spend more money on partnering through the media to sell their half assed products then they do making products and supporting them.

          16. Deceiving? Sony is the only one who’s been sued for false advertising. First with vita and with killzone. They had to pay up for vita but not with killzone. However, they got pinned and was guilty. So they aren’t as squekay clean as you think or make them out to be. And don’t forget last gen when they gutted ps3 because they were losing so much money.

          17. Wow. The only? How many times has Microsoft been sued for trying to monopolize markets? 360 rrod warranty to avoid a recall?
            You bring up the kill zone and give it credit although the case was thrown out?
            Lawsuits are everyday and is a very childish claim.

          18. Ratchet and Clank isn’t a remaster. Take that ms dildo outta your ass, sad little fanboy.

          19. Ratchet and Clank is a full remake.

            Halo CE port, Halo 3 port, Halo 4 port, Halo 3 ODST port, State of Decay port, Gears of War port. Portbox Done. 🙂

      1. Lol not really the very first screenshot on the ground that is not that far ahead has terrible AA. This game also isn’t trying to go for realism graphics. SF did and it looks better overall. Sorry SF is a better looking game.

      2. Your username fits you perfectly. Get a life, than you wouldn’t care so much about a bunch of plastic and computer chips. or do you look at your x1 like a girlfriend? Wouldn’t surprise me.

    2. Killzone: Shadowfall and The Oder 1886 looked great, but both were horrible games. See where I’m going with this? Don’t judge a book by its cover and all that.

    1. LOL….So many bitter ponies and PC master wasters on this X1 article…They must not have enough quality games on their platform of choice. I guess trolling is their hobby of choice. Oh well, sucks for them!

    1. Well, it is running on the Xbox One. Did you expect bad graphics this gen? A number of games on the Xbox One and PS4 have been Xbox 360/PS3 ports (Far Cry 4 as an example). Most gamers today are graphics mad.

      1. Actually your example is a bad one because Far Cry 4 wasn’t a port from last generation consoles. The PC was the lead platform and the other platforms were developed more or less at the same time.

        1. I think he means the game was designed with last gen restriction in mind. Basically FC4 could have been better on all platforms if old gen consoles were left out of the equation when initially designed.

        2. No. Everything you just said was just Ubisoft PR. The game was actually last-gen ported to every other platform, just like FC3. They lied. Surprise.

    2. I like how these pics look. We’ll get a better look on Monday for sure. I really believe that 343 needs to make the single player kinda scary/dark with surprises. Nobody fears the Covenant anymore. Its strange playing Halo for all these years and no real huge aliens or planetary hazards like an erupting volcano or playing night mission fearing the sunrise scorching the planet. Those can only happen well, with great storytelling.

    1. It’s called marketing and media partnership. Pay for the hype. Remember titanfall?
      “Do not sell people what they want, make people buy what it is you are selling” Bill Gates

        1. Nothing is wrong with it but launch vs media hype did not match. Launching with both slim maps and game types added with rough launch issues with servers and bad frame rate…. What it was vs price and media love did not match.
          At best it should have launched as a $30 game to match the scores and content. Just like the order or ryse would have faired better at launch with lower prices.

          1. The only people who get caught up in the hype are folks who either don’t/can’t read or just lazy to do a bit of homework on the game. They don’t care how much it cost so they pay thru the nose. I was excited for Titanfall and it is a good game. Once I realized it had no real SP and that there weren’t many maps, I skipped the launch and just waited until the price dropped to what it was really worth which is about $30.

            I work for a living so I choose carefully before I buy. If more gamers actually did that, we wouldn’t have as many whiney folks on this post. I’ve been gaming a long time and back it the days it was hard to tell if a game was going to great or not. With the internet and so many gamers online, its extremely rare I pay full price for a game that was hot trash. Waiting it the best thing to do if not sure about a game.

    2. If it’s not your cup of tea than that is fine. Did you lay Halo 1 and 2 recently? When halo 1 came out it was a game changer for FPS on the console. Halo 2 had and arguably still has some of the best multilayer game play for a FPS ever. Will be hard to reproduce the glory days but Halo five is looking good and may be worth the hype.

  3. Halo died at Reach. Halo 4 was terrible and not Halo anymore. Played the beta of 5 at my friends house for 2 hours to see for myself and well its not a bad game, but it’s a bad halo game. Most elements of original halo are dead or “improved”. ADS is a joke and the boosters are right from Titanfall. I competitive played halo since Halo 2 up to reach and then halo 4 killed the series. 343 is a cash grab.

  4. Looks okay, nothing as good as what we have now, graphics is trying to go up to the Advance Warfare level but still a little blurry

  5. Butthurt ps4 fanboys who regret switching from Xbox to PlayStation pretending that the xb1 isn’t an amazing machine?

    Color me shocked !!

  6. Look at the Xbot trying to stir shit up out of nowhere.

    Halo is alright and all, but it’s glory days are over. Been downhill since ODST. Hell, 3 was pretty lame too.

    1. yeah and if you notice he got 5 thumbs up for that garbage post lol that shows you Xbots are trolling this post l can hear their keyboards clicking away now as we speak

    2. Fk you guys Halo has the most game types, map creator, one of the best campaigns/stories insane replay value, and isnt first sight kill, no other game comes close.

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