chivalry medieval warfare ps4 xbox one

Chivalry Medieval Warfare is Almost Definitely Coming to PS4 and Xbox One, Possibly Very Soon

A couple of weeks ago we reported that the Brazilian ratings board had rated Chivalry: Medieval Warfare for a release on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The game first hit consoles last December when it released on the PS3 and Xbox 360. Since then, fans who have migrated from last-gen to current-gen have been waiting patiently for any word on a next-gen release of the brutal combat simulator.

We’re already convinced that we’ll see the game on the Xbox One and PS4, but now the real question is just when we’ll see it release in a superior form. Well, the PEGI ratings authority has rated the game for PS4 and Xbox One today for a release in the UK. Typically, PEGI ratings are often done shortly before a game actually releases, though in a few rare¬†instances the time between being rated and released can be a while.

Only yesterday DriveClub Bikes was given a PEGI rating, then out of nowhere it released onto the PSN, so there’s hope that the wait for some next-gen bad-arse sword fighting won’t be too long.

chivalry ps4 xbox one


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