Chivalry: Medieval Warfare Pre-Orders Will Be Xbox One Exclusive With Pre-Loading Coming This Month

Activision announced today that Chivalry: Medieval Warfare would be releasing on the PS4 and Xbox One this December 1st. The publisher also released a bunch of screenshots and a teaser trailer to get people familiar with what the game is about. If you’re still a little lost, Chivalry: Medieval Warfare is basically your typical first-person shooter, but instead of guns you have bows and arrows; instead of stabby knives you have big-arse swords and axes. Actually, it’s not really anything like your standard first-person shooter. Not really.

It’s found an audience within the PC community but its PS3 and Xbox 360 release was less well known. It’s good then, that Torn Banner’s cracking bone-cruncher will be releasing on the next-gen platforms.

What’s odd is that pre-orders for the standard and ultimate editions will be available exclusively to Xbox One owners from November 25th. There’s no reason given by Activision, just a simple statement that while the game will release on the same day for both platforms, Xbox One players can pre-order a week before the game goes live. We’ve followed up on that and according to Activision, pre-loading will also be available on the same day. Handy, no?

The game will release December 1st for the budget price of $19.99 and will only be available as a downloadable title – so no retail box for collectors.

Below are the screenshots sent over by Activision and the teaser trailer. Bon appetite.