Cities: Skylines Expansion “Snowfall” Announced

Do you hear it? The sound of angry motorists, grumpy grown ups and laughing children until one of them gets slogged in the face with a piece of ice? Ah, it looks like Snowpocalypse 2016 is nearly upon us, and to welcome this distinctly not-Christmas time of year, there’s a brand new trailer all about a new expansion for Cities: Skylines on offer. Go go gadget trailer!


But the whimsy doesn’t stop there! According to the official press release, there are all kinds of new features to accompany the visual splendor of snow, ice and minor car accidents which are lovingly copy-pasted here:

  • Now is the Winter of This Content: Rain and fog for existing maps, plus a new “Winter” map theme with snow and all of its challenges
  • The Streetcars You Desire: Expanded public transportation options, including easier management of existing lines – and Trams, a new system demanded by fans
  • World Warmth, Too: Cold weather increases demands for electricity, unless new water-based heat systems are in place
  • Plowers to the People: Build a snowplow depot to keep traffic flowing during winter weather, and employ new road maintenance systems to keep your streets in shape
  • New Chirps: #yeahthereare

You may have been cautious at first, but surely the promise of new Chirps is enough to warm any icy heart.

The price and release date are, just like the snow, up in the air, but the last expansion pack “After Dark” went for £11 (or $15 dollars if you live in America), so one would expect a similar price point for this expansion.

Cities Skylines came out of nowhere last year and sold over 1 million copies. It was widely praised for its depth and complexity, and many fans consider it a worthy successor to SimCity. The game also has a quite sizable modding community, and an Xbox One release has been confirmed, though the exact date of that has not been revealed either.

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