Cities: Skylines is Getting a VR Spin-Off for Meta Quest 2 This April

Lean into this city sim from April 28th, 2022
cities: vr key art meta quest

Fast Travel Games has announced that it will be releasing a VR rendition of Cities: Skylines to Meta Quest 2 headsets this April with Cities: VR.

Cities: VR will play much like the game on which it is based, except you’ll be strapping a headset to your face and you’ll have the added benefit of being able to crouch down real low and peek through the bedroom windows of your citizens. I doubt there’ll be much to see, though…

It should be noted that Cities: VR is not a direct port of the original game, and it won’t have the same scope, size, or scale of Cities: Skylines. Instead, Fast Travel Games says that it is a more “focused” city management sim, so it will miss out on certain features, like terrain editing and natural disasters.

“When we got the opportunity to reimagine Cities: Skylines for VR, we knew we had to jump at the opportunity,” said Erik Odeldahl, Creative Director of Fast Travel Games. “We’ve taken heavy inspiration from what the teams at Colossal Order and Paradox Interactive have created over the last seven years. We think that Cities: VR will be a great introduction to this franchise for new players, as well as a compelling new interpretation for Cities: Skylines veterans.”

However, like the original, Cities: VR will be continually updated and improved with post-launch updates.

Cities: VR releases on April 28th, 2022 for Meta Quest headsets, and if you pre-order early, you’ll get an extra 10% discount.

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