Clamorous Vox – Epic Musket New World Quest

What is Clamorous Vox in New World and where can you find it?
Clamorous Vox – Epic New World Musket
Blaze a path forward with raw power and fury to rival a hurricane.

Clamorous Vox“ is an Epic Musket in Amazon Games MMORPG: New World. Follow the guide below to find out how to get it. There are many Epic Muskets that exist in the game. Epic Muskets are found from slain enemies, in chests, crafted from recipes, and quests or a series of quest chains in order to obtain that weapon.

Clamorous Vox – Epic Musket At 570 Gear Score

Clamorous Vox – Epic Musket New World Quest
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  • 570 Gear Score
  • 80 Damage
  • 2.0% Critical Hit Chance
  • 1.3 Critical Damage Multiplier
  • 56.0 Block Stamina Damage
  • 56.0 Stagger Damage
  • 135 Thrust Damage
  • 90 Corruption Damage

Perks on Clamorous Vox in New World

  • 28 Dexterity
  • Abyssal III: 40% of damage is converted to Void. Damage scales off base weapon stat or INT, whichever is higher.
  • Corrupted Bane: +18% Damage to Corrupted.
  • Accelerating Traps: Increase movement speed by 18% for 3 seconds after deploying a trap. (Does not stack.)

How To Get Clamorous Vox in New World

Where can you find Clamorous Vox? Clamorous Vox is a reward from a Level 60 quest of the same name Clamorous Vox. Players will need to be Level 60 and have their Musket Mastery at Level 20. Players will also need to complete the prerequisite quest Madaki’s Stratagem and all side quests in the Great Cleave in order for this to become available.

Cornelis Nagelhout is the quest giver; they’re located Northwest of Litheltop in the Edengrove Region.

Cornelis Nagelhout location Clamorous Vox – Epic Musket New World Quest
Cornelis Nagelhout location courtesy of
Cornelis Nagelhout location Clamorous Vox – Epic Musket New World Quest
Cornelis Nagelhout in-game screenshot

There are 8 Quests to complete within the Clamorous Vox questline. They are:

  • Azoth is the Glue
  • Take the Stock of the Heart
  • Heavy is the Base
  • Seakissed Wood
  • Glinting Gold
  • Trigger Happy
  • The Ramrod
  • Barrel Down

Once players complete these quests head to Ranger Eintou Madaki to turn in Clamorous Vox.

Do you need help with this questline? Youtuber Rocco_91tv has a brief video guide of their completion the questline. Watch it here below.

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