Clash of Clans Crash Fix – VERIFIED

Clash of Clans crash fix

If you are having issues with Clash of Clans crashing, try these steps. We tested this solution on a corrupt phone that was crashing when launching the app.

The specific issue is when opening the app, shortly after, the game crashes on your device. You’ve tried uninstalling it and installing again, you have tried to wait for patch updates, and still have the issue. Try the following steps and you should be good to go.

Clash of Clans Crashing Solved

1. Open the Settings in your phone and Select “Apps”

The first thing to do to fix Clash of Clans is open the settings. Find where your Apps section is, and click into it.

2. Find Clash of Clans on the App List

Now click “See all apps” then use the search function to findClash of Clansand click it.

3. Force Stop Clash of Clans

Select “Force Stop” once you have selected the app from the app list. After forcing stop, click “Storage and Cache”.

4. Clear Cache and Storage To Fix Crashing on Clash of Clans

Click “Clear Cache”, then click “Clear Storage”. This will delete any saved information on your device. Don’t worry, as long as your sign in account is attached to your email login, you will be able to retrieve your saved information later.

5. Restart Your Device

Restart your device after clearing the cache and storage. Once the restart is complete, run Clash of Clans. The game will start up as if it is the first time and you do not have an account. Find where to sign into your game account, and sign in from there. Here you can log in to your old account and continue your journey.