Cliff Bleszinski’s New Game Revealed to be Lawbreakers

If our fancy picture there didn’t give it away the new game being developed by the famed Bleszinski is called LawBreakers

This game will be a shooter that takes place on Earth after an apocalyptic event known as “The Shattering” (we can hear the capital letters) caused the moon to break up which subsequently caused gravity on earth to attempt it’s best recreation of the movie 2012

The game has elements of both arena and class based shooters but will not have a restriction on class, so one side of the 5v5 matchups can all roll in with the same class if they so choose. The sides are made up of the “breakers” who are remnants of criminal organizations before the moon broke up and the enforcers of the law (the police).

The game will have the regular slew of weapons to choose from and interesting sites to see like the Grand Canyon half full with water. In addition to this  there will be low-gravity and zero-gravity areas that can be utilized or created.

We will see gameplay of the new title on Friday and it is slated for release next year.  All in all the game is shaping up to be interesting. The most interesting part though, and the one that has gamers…worked up, is the fact that this title will be Free to Play.

What do you guys think? Is Cliffy B on to a winner with Lawbreakers, or does it sound like just another shooter? Take aim and fire your own Earth-shattering comment down below.

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