COD Mobile Shipment 1944 Explained

You may want to know about the COD Mobile Shipment 1944 map if you’ve never played it before, as it’s returning to the game for Season 11. COD Mobile is constantly updated, providing players with new weapons, maps, events, modes, and more. Due to the rich history of maps in Call of Duty, they can consistently bring in maps from older games to refresh the multiplayer experience. So, if you want to know about the COD Mobile Shipment 1944 map, we’ve got you covered. 

COD Mobile Shipment 1944 Explained

The original shipment map made its debut back in Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare back in 2007, and it’s been a favourite ever since due to its small size that facilitates fast-paced matches, making it great for levelling up weapons and getting killstreaks. The 1944 version of the map was introduced in Call of Duty WWII in 2019, and was added to COD Mobile a year later in 2020. 

While Shipment 1944 was removed some time ago for the normal version, it’s now back for the whole duration of the game’s eleventh season, though we don’t know exactly how long it will stay for afterwards. For those more familiar with the old Shipment, there are some differences between the versions. In Shipment 1944, you cannot climb on the containers, the sight lines are much shorter, and all containers can be wallbanged for some cheeky kills. 

As we said earlier, Shipment 1944 is very small, so it’s an ideal map for getting stuff like the COD Mobile Popcorn Medal or the COD Mobile Bloodthirsty Medal. We recommend you make the most of the map while it’s in the game, and use it for levelling your weapons quicker, or getting medals that are otherwise harder on different maps. 

A good strategy for this map is to avoid the centre area, as this leaves you open to multiple sight lines where you can be shot. Scouring the edges and moving with every kill can ensure you stay alive long enough to get killstreaks or reach whatever goal you have set for yourself. 

That’s all for our explainer of the COD Mobile Shipment 1944 map, and now you know that it’s set to be added back for Season 11, along with some tips for how you should make use of the map. 

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