Comedy Skit Pokes Fun at FIFA 2022, Suggests Dying Workers and Burying Team Mates’ Bodies

FIFA games usually get a bit of stick every year for being more of the same, especially the PS Vita ‘Legacy’ editions, though thankfully we were spared that expense this year.

A new video has been posted on Youtube by NRKHumour parodying the FIFA franchise’s future. It’s a silly watch, granted, but if you’ve got a couple of minutes and you don’t mind being mildly entertained, it’s worth a go.

It’s a bit of a sensitive issue, so it may be likely to offend some, so be warned. The football industry has come under scrutiny in recent years for how construction workers are treated when they’re contracted to build stadiums. The skit may be a bit off-colour, but at least it might get people talking about the serious issues in the beautiful game.