Control Recoil in in Battlefield 2042 – Tips and Tricks

Control Recoil in in Battlefield 2042 - Tips and Tricks

Recoil Control is a skill that takes practice in BF2042. Every weapon is different. Each weapon produces a unique feel and recoil. Some guns produce a high rate of fire, which generates lots of recoil. These weapons are unlikely to be controlled. It’s not unusual to be killed pretty quickly destroyed by experienced players when playing first-person shooters.

Many players have tried to imitate the actions of great players and quickly discovered that it is not as simple as they think.

Newcomers to Battlefield 2042 will find it difficult to aim consistently and hit all bullets into the target with their Rifle or SMG. Recoil from these weapons can be a challenge, making it difficult to aim and hitting the target consistently. It can also cause the gun to sway away from you and sometimes lead you to death if you don’t take down the enemy quickly enough.

These tips won’t solve every player’s problem with aiming but practicing will make a big difference.

Recoil Types in Battlefield 2042

There are two types of horizontal and vertical recoil in Battlefield guns. Each gun has its own unique characteristics and different ways to handle them. Are you ready to master every gun?

Horizontal Recoil Basics

With horizontal recoil, the gun will move left and right in this instance. Combining the vertical recoil with this one makes it difficult to control certain weapons.

If that is the case you may choose the weapon you find easiest to aim with. You should stick with an assault rifle you feel you have the best control over.

As a side note, some players are claimuing that consoles have less recoil then PC in general.

Vertical Recoil Basics

Each weapon’s vertical recoil is different. You won’t feel a rifle having no recoil. However, practice can help you become more precise. It really take s a good amount of time to have a true feel for tyhe recoil of each weapon.

With vertical recoil, your aim moves upwards as you hold the trigger. To control vertical recoil, You can adjust the mouse by dragging the mouse down to compensate. This will require practice for sure.

You can also opt for attachments to make vertical recoil less problematic and easier to manage if you want another advantage.

Controlling your Recoil (Tips)
Controlling your Recoil (Tips)

Controlling your Recoil (Tips)

A few simple things can be done by players to reduce the gun’s shaking when a trigger is held.

Short bursts of Fire

Instead of grabbing the trigger and unloading every bullet on the target, try using short bursts. This will make your weapon easier to use and can improve visibility by removing dust from the target.

For weapons like SMGs or Assault Rifles, short bursts can be very effective. This technique works well if you have the best PP-29 attachments to increase damage and accuracy.

Don’t always crouch

While strafing can help you avoid enemy troops, it will make it difficult for you to control the recoil and hit your targets on a regulatr basis . If you’re using a hard to control weapon for this purpose, you might consider attaching attachments to control horizontal recoil. There are solutions to this problem. You can reduce the recoil by crouching or lying down on the ground, pressing Ctrl and Z.

Although you can become a static target, if you suddenly crouch down and burst down an opponent, you may have a better chance to survive than dealing with the weapon’s recoil while you move left and right.

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