Controversial Horror Game Lucius 2: The Prophecy is Coming to PS4

How better to start off the morning of Halloween than with the news of a truly horrific game? Shiver Games’ controversial horror game Lucius 2: The Prophecy is probably going to be summoning the devil on your PS4 sometime soon. The game was recently rated by the PEGI ratings board for a release on Sony’s next-gen home console system. Oddly, there’s no mention of an Xbox One version anywhere, but we’d bet our Bible that if it releases on the PS4, it’ll release on the Xbox One, too.

For those who are unaware, Lucius 2: The Prophecy puts players in the shoes (probably nicked from an orphan) of Lucifer’s son on Earth, Lucius. The game is pretty controversial for its liberal violence, all dealt out by some little lad; think Bully, but with evil devil-boy powers. Christians, Catholics and wussies should probably stay away from this one, then. Oh, and those who oppose man-on-man sex scenes should probably avoid it as well. No, seriously, there’s a bathroom in the game that little Lucius can stumble into and find two lads engaging in a bit of bum fun.

It’s an odd game, sure, and the PC release hasn’t gone down a storm due to a the amount of bugs and glitches, but perhaps this could find an audience within the dark, twisted minds of some PS4 owners, and hopefully Xbox One enthusiasts, too.

lucius ps4

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