Artsy Blueberry Cake Order For Cookie Run Kingdom

Ah! So you are also stuck with the Artsy Blueberry Cake order. Don’t worry. We have got you covered.
Artsy Cake Order In Cookie Run Kingdom

The Sugar Gnomes’ Holiday Cake Shop event in Cookie Run Kingdom is underway! With that, we have many in-game items and currency in the Cookie Run Kingdom that players can earn from the event shop by completing cake orders, such as the Artsy Blueberry Cake. Keep reading our guide as we share how to make Artsy Blueberry cake order in the Cookie Run Kingdom.

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The Vampire Cookie is the one who asks you to make the Artsy Blueberry Cake in Cookie Run Kingdom’s The Sugar Gnomes Holiday Cake Shop event. 

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And if you don’t make the cake up to his liking, you won’t get the five-star review to progress and move on to the next cake order. 

That said, you can make the Vampire Cookie’s Artsy Blueberry Cake order in the Cookie Run Kingdom using the below preferences:

  • Cream – Vibrant Blueberry Cream
  • Tier – It is random. Check the Recipe option or listen carefully to the conversation with the Cookie.
  • Frosting – 4 Dollops of Blueberry frosting
  • Toppings – Purple Magic Lettering Pen

The Vibrant Blueberry Cream unlocks when you reach Lvl 3 Friendly Cake Shop. The Blueberry Frosting unlocks when you reach Lvl 4 Joyous Cake Shop, and finally, the Purple Magic Lettering Pen unlocks at LvL 7 Maestro’s Cake Shop. 

Assuming you have all the required items unlocked, you can begin baking the cake order in exchange for 10 Baker’s Piping Bags, the event-exclusive stamina you consume whenever you make a cake order.

In the first phase, you will get asked, “Which cake should we make?” Select the Vibrant Blueberry Cream and click on the Next button. Then, add the Tiers that the Vampire Cookie requests and add the cream. 

Click on Next once again to move to the next phase. You will get asked, “Decorate the top of the cake with a frosting!” Select the Blueberry Frosting and four dollops on top of the cake, and then click Next. 

Now, during the last phase, “Decorate the cake with toppings!” Select the Magic Lettering Pens, make a random pattern on top of the cake, and wrap up the cake. 

Once that is done, the Vampire Cookie will try it out and give you a five-star review to progress the event. 

That concludes our guide on how to make Artsy Blueberry Cake order in the Cookie Run Kingdom.

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