Blue Tongue Cake Order For Cookie Run Kingdom

Struggling with Blue Tongue cake order? Check out our guide!
Blue Tongue Cake Order In Cookie Run Kingdom

The Blue Tongue Cake is one of the many orders you get while playing the Cake Shop event in the Cookie Run Kingdom. Making the order in the Cookie Run Kingdom and obtaining a perfect review is daunting as you don’t get any details on the Cream, Frosting, and other things. Continue reading our guide as we explain how you can make and complete Blue Tongue Cake order in the Cookie Run Kingdom.

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In the Cookie Run Kingdom, the Adventurer Cookie is the one who asks you to make the Blue Tongue Cake. When he visits your cake shop and gives the order, the only thing you get from him related to the order is the cake name and how many tiers it’s going to be. 

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If you choose the “What Cake?” dialogue option, you will get more details from him. But why even bother? We have the perfect recipe for making and completing the Adventurer Cookie’s Blue Tongue Cake order in the Cookie Run Kingdom

You can make the Adventurer Cookie’s Blue Tongue Cake order in the Cookie Run Kingdom using the below preferences:

  • Cream – Vibrant Blueberry Cream
  • Tier – It is random. Check the Recipe option or listen carefully to the conversation with the Cookie.
  • Frosting – Four dollops of Blueberry frosting
  • Toppings – One Tangy Blueberries topping

You can unlock the Vibrant Blueberry Cream by reaching Lvl 3 Friendly Cake Shop. The Blueberry Frosting unlocks when you reach Lvl 4 Joyous Cake Shop.

Lastly, you can unlock the Tangy Blueberries topping by reaching LvL 6 Famous Cake Shop. 

You can start baking the Blue Tongue cake order if you have every listed item unlocked. Doing so will consume the event-exclusive stamina, 10 Baker’s Piping Bags.

In the first phase of the cake-making process, you will get asked, “Which cake should we make?” As said earlier, you must choose the Vibrant Blueberry Cream that you will find in the rightmost part and click on the Next button. 

After that, you can add whatever Tier the Adventurer Cookie requests and add the cream. 

Then click the Next button once again to move to the next phase, where you will get asked, “Decorate the top of the cake with a frosting!” Select the Blueberry Frosting and four dollops on top of the cake, and then click Next. 

In the last phase, “Decorate the cake with toppings!” You must add one Tangy Blueberries topping anywhere on top of the cake. And then, wrap it up by clicking on the Complete button. 

Once that is done, you will have the perfect Blue Tongue Cake that will earn you a five-star review from the Adventurer Cookie. 

That concludes our guide on how to make Blue Tongue Cake order in the Cookie Run Kingdom.

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