Clover Cookie Cake Order In Cookie Run Kingdom

Having trouble with Clover Cookie cake order in Cookie Run Kingdom? Don’t worry! We have got you covered.
Cookie Run Kingdom Clover Cookie Cake Order

The Clover Cookie cake order in Cookie Run Kingdom is easy if you go through his dialogues. But we still have many Cookie Run Kingdom players who fail to get a perfect five-star review from him as they fail to interpret his order correctly. In the wake of that, we are here with Cookie Run Kingdom guide on how to make Clover Cookie cake order.

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In Cookie Run Kingdom’s Cake Shop event, the Clover Cookie asks you to make the Silky Milk Cream cake. His initial dialogue will share details on the Cake you must make, along with how many tiers it should be. 

If you use the “How should I decorate it?” dialogue option, you will learn he needs “a few Milk Frosting.” If you pay attention to the Cookie Run Kingdom Cake Shop event tutorial, you might remember the keyword few means you must add four or fewer frostings. 

That said, here is how you can make the perfect Silky Milk Cream cake for the Clover Cookie in the Cookie Run Kingdom:

  • Cream – Silky Milk Cream
  • Tier –  Mostly two tiers. Still, pay close attention to Clover Cookie’s dialogues in case you get a different tier. 
  • Frosting – Four or fewer dollops of Silky Milk frosting 
  • Toppings – No toppings.

Since you only require Silky Milk cream and frosting to make Clover Cookie’s cake order, you can make it at Cake Shop level one. 

After you use the ten Baker’s Piping Bags to start the cake-making process, you find yourself at the first phase, where you must select the cream and tier. Use Silky Milk Cream and click the Next button to move to the tiers menu. 

Add two tiers and apply the Silky Milk Cream and once again, click on Next to go to the Frosting menu. Here, you must select the Silky Milk frosting and add four or fewer dollops. Add two or three blobs of the frosting and skip the toppings phase. 

Wrap up the Cake and present it to the Clover Cookie. If you follow the steps correctly, you will get the perfect five-star review from him and will move to the next order. 

That concludes our guide on how to make and complete Clover Cookie cake order in Cookie Run Kingdom

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