Cookie Run Kingdom: Pink Extreme Cake Order

Don’t know how to make the Pink Extreme Cake order in Cookie Run Kingdom? We have your back!
Cookie Run Kingdom Pink Extreme Cake Order

Cooking Run Kingdom Pink Extreme cake order is one of the difficult ones players struggle with and fail to get a five hearts review. And since it’s tied to Cookie Run Kingdom’s The Sugar Gnomes’ Holiday Cake Shop event progress, you must know how to make and complete the Cookie Run Kingdom Pink Extreme cake order. 

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You can make the Pink Extreme Cake order in Cookie Run Kindom using the following instructions:

  • Cream – Fragrant Strawberry Cream
  • Tier – Varies from player to player
  • Frosting – 4 Dollops of Fragrant Strawberry frosting
  • Toppings – No toppings

Once you get the “not so clear” instructions from the respective Cookie for making the Pink Extreme Cake, just keep a note of how big the cake will be; that is its Tier. 

After that, use ten Baker’s Piping Bags and begin the cooking process. And when you are in the first stage and are given different Cream options, select the Fragrant Strawberry Cream.

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Next, select the cake tier as per the request, cover it with the Fragrant Strawberry Cream, and then move to the next stage by clicking on the Next button at the bottom right corner. 

In the second stage, you will get to choose the Frosting ingredient, select the Fragrant Strawberry Frosting and make four dollops atop the cake. Size doesn’t matter, so keep holding the Frosting scoop to make the large ones to be consistent aesthetically. 

After that, you will move on to the final stage, where you must select the Toppings. But for the Pink Extreme Cake order, we don’t need any. So, skip the process by clicking the Next button and finalizing the order. 

If you follow the instructions correctly, you will make the perfect version of the Pink Extreme Cake and get a five hearts review from the Cookie who ordered it. 

You will also get a certain amount of Sweet’ n Shiny Coin Chocolates as a reward that you can use in the event shop to purchase different items, including premium currency, gacha currency, level-up items, and much more.

That is it. That is how you make and complete the Pink Extreme Cake order in the Cookie Run Kingdom

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