Tiny Sprout Cake Order For Cookie Run Kingdom

Want to make a Tiny Sprout Cake for the Herb Cookie? Here is how you can do that.
Tiny Sprout Cake Order In Cookie Run Kingdom

Cookie Run Kingodm’s Cake Shop event lets you make different cakes for Cookies based on their preferences. One such cake is the Tiny Sprout Cake in the Cookie Run Kingdom, which you must make to progress the said event and get event-exclusive currency. Continue reading our guide as we share how you can make and complete the Tiny Sprout Cake order in the Cookie Run Kingdom.

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You can make the Tiny Sprout Cake in the Cookie Run Kingdom using the following:

  • Cream – Sweet Choco Cream
  • Tier –  2 Tiers mainly. [Tiers can be random, so pay close attention to Muscle Cookie’s dialogues]
  • Frosting – One dollop of Fresh Mint frosting
  • Toppings – no toppings

It is the Herb Cookie who gives you the Tiny Sprout Cake order. When he arrives at your Cake Shop, he will say, “What a lovely day! I’d like to order a cake for a little end-of-year gathering. A little cake, like a tiny sprout.”

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To begin with the order, first, make sure you have all the required ingredients unlocked. The Sweet Choco Cream is unlocked from the get-go, whereas the Fresh Mint Frosting unlocks when you reach Cake Shop level 4. 

If Fresh Mint Frosting is unlocked, you can start with the cake-making process. You can do that by choosing the dialogue option “Okay! I’m on it!” and “Bake a Cake.” This will cost you the event-exclusive stamina of ten Baker’s Piping Bags.

In the first phase, you must choose the Cream and Tier. In our case, we have to choose the Sweet Choco Cream with Tier being two. 

Then, click the Next button to move to the second phase, where you must “Decorate the top of the cake with a frosting!” 

Now use one dollop of Fresh Mint Frosting anywhere on top of the cake. Hit the Next button to move to the last phase, where you will get asked to “Decorate the cake with toppings!” Since no toppings are required for making the Tiny Sprout Cake, you can skip this phase by clicking on the Complete button. 

That concludes our guide on how to make Tiny Sprout Cake order in the Cookie Run Kingdom.

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