Mouth-Watering Corn Love Forever Dynamic Theme is Back for Seconds on PS4

There was a fairly popular dynamic PS3 theme back in the console’s heyday: Corn Love Forever. The theme, as you may have already guessed, was all about love for buttered corn on the cob.

The good news is that it’s back, but this time on PS4. There’s a short clip of the PS3 version of the theme down below, but the PS4 edition it’s essentially the same. Yes, we’re too broke to buy a goddamn theme because we spent all our money on Christmas presents and expensive Star Wars Lego sets. No regrets. You can get your hands on the theme here.

“Back by popular demand, “Corn Love Forever” is the one theme that asks all the big questions, all at the same time, with a unified, indiscernible, “MAAAAA” sound. Although often referred to as a “summertime theme,” Project CL2 is being released controversially in the winter. We apologize and thank you.”

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