Crestborne – Epic New World Bow

What is Crestborne in New World and where can you find it?
Crestborne – Epic New World Bow
“As the waves endure endlessly, so shall you endure on Aeternum.”

Crestborne“ is an Epic Bow in Amazon Games MMORPG: New World. Follow the guide below to find out how to get it. There are many Epic Bows that exist in the game. Epic Bows are found from slain enemies, in chests, crafted from recipes, and quests or a series of quest chains in order to obtain that weapon.

Crestborne – Epic Bow At 600 Gear Score

Crestborne – Epic New World Bow
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  • 600 Gear Score
  • 64 Damage
  • 5.0% Critical Hit Chance
  • 1.3 Critical Damage Multiplier
  • 42.0 Block Stamina Damage
  • 42.0 Stagger Damage
  • 96 Thrust Damage
  • 96 Lightning Damage
  • 10 Focus
  • 20 Dexterity

Perks on Crestborne in New World

  • Electrified IV: 50% of damage is converted to Lightning. Damage scales off base weapon stat or INT, whichever is higher.
  • Keen Speed: On Critical: gain 30% Haste 2s. (Cooldown 10s.)
  • Enchanted: Light and Heavy attacks deal 9.5% more damage.

How To Get Crestborne in New World

Where can you find Crestborne? Crestborne is dropped from the enemy The Siren’s Dog. The Siren’s Dog is a level 65 Lost enemy. The Siren’s Dog can be found in Reekwater. To get to The Siren’s Dog head northeast to from Fort Reekwater.

The Siren's Dog Crestborne – Epic New World Bow
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