Crikey – Prototype Remaster on Xbox One and PS4 Looks Bloody Awful (For a Remaster)

When it was revealed a few weeks ago by us (is that the sound of our own horn being tooted?) that Prototype and Prototype 2 would probably be appearing on the Xbox One and PS4, we were secretly relishing the opportunity to play superior versions of the mediocre superhero/villain games.

Unfortunately it looks like Activision didn’t get the memo that remasters are supposed to be, well, remastered. The newly released Prototype BioHazard Bundle doesn’t look like much of an improvement over the original releases, as we can see down in the two clips down below.

We’re a little disappointed, but in all honesty we half expected a mediocre port – it is Activision after all.

        1. So we are losers for buying something which gives developers the feasibility to make huge budget games and without which many games you love on your pc wouldn’t exist?

    1. Considering I still can’t play the PC version without doing a painful workaround every time I want to play it, I wouldn’t be bragging much. PC version is worse than Batman AK’s port.

  1. Well maybe it looks like that cos its NOT a remaster it was never said to be one nor was it marketed as one it is a RE-RELEASE that is so very different from a remaster!!!!!!!
    Thats just lazy journalism right there really, you should always check your story’s/facts before you write

  2. @Chris Harding

    This isn’t a remaster. It’s just a bunduru! Please note how the title of the game is “Bundle” aka bunduru and not remaster.

  3. Nice to see alot of the internet finally agreeing with me. I said this game looked awful 6 years ago. What took y’all so long to notice??
    Oh and Infamous is still awesome

      1. obviously a rendering bug, don’t be a douche, I can show you the same photos of PC games maxed out at the same res…

      2. Dude stop acting like consoles are the only platform that has rendering issues.I see them all the time in just about every Pc title i play.My current build is good enough for Max settings 1080p yet games like Witcher 3 still have pop in/textures not rendering quick enough and just plain weirdness.Don’t get me started on Skyrim……

  4. 50.00 bucks on Xbox one…… The game looks and plays exactly like the old ones. This crap is in the bargain bin in every used game store everywhere. Activision is a group of scumbags for dishing out this pair of dirty underwear duo for 50.00. Hey Activision, get your act together and give us something worth our hard earned money, not your leftovers. Activision should have a vision, and make a game worth playing. Blow me Activision, and get a grip you duochebags!!

    1. Dude, we get it. Your upset about the price, and your right. the reason it’s so high is because they feel the included DLC and original pre-order bonus is worth the extra $$$.

  5. I am a big fan of remasters and I’ve bought every one that I’m aware of for the PS4. The Prototype duo had been on my remaster wish list but I won’t be purchasing this package because i am unhappy that zero effort was put into it.
    Referring to it as a “remaster” however, is purely disingenuous because it it is not a remaster. Nowhere on any official site (Xbox, PSN, Activision, Radical Entertainment) is it referred to as a remaster. They all simply say that it is a “bundle”, which is exactly all that it is.
    The only places referring to it as a remaster are just about every site offering gaming “journalism” -sowing seeds of excitement and then disdain for a tiny bit of lame false controversy.
    It’s disappointing that just about every site is taking this dishonest angle.
    (As I originally wrote on nextpowerup)

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