Cris Tales Free Update Adds New Story Content

Introducing Adri, a new dungeon, and more
cris tales new update

Introducing Adri, a new dungeon, and more

Modus Games has dropped an early gift for Cris Tales players in the form of a free update for the game that adds some new content, including a new character, a new dungeon, and even some new story content for players to chew through over the Christmas holidays.

The new update brings a brand new playable character called Adri, who has all-new abilities that can be put to the test in the game’s brand new dungeon alongside the all-new enemies and some new story content. And for free! It won’t cost you a penny, just some hard drive space.

In addition to the new character, dungeon, and story, Cris Tales is also getting some new content in the form of the new and improved Coliseum, where players can test their battle skills against waves of enemies to earn top rewards.

If you’ve played through the game once, there’s a new reason to do it all over again; the new Cris Tales update adds a new ending and a brand new cutscene to play out once you finish the adventure.

If you’re on the Nintendo Switch, you’ll also get the benefit of vastly improved loading times so you can keep up with the action instead of sitting in load screens.

Cris Tales released earlier this year to rave reviews. You can watch our video review through here, and down below you’ll find the trailer for the new update.

Cris Tales New Content Trailer

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