Cristiano Ronaldo Goes Hilariously Criminal in GTA V (Yes, You Read That Correctly)

Here’s another odd one for you lot to get your teeth stuck into: world-famous football star (or soccer, if you don’t know how to correctly call it what it is) has been added to GTA V. Yes, the footballer who spends about half of his day priming his hair for the adoring public has been lifted from his Real Madrid setting and dumped into GTA V’s Los Santos. It really does have to be seen to be believed…

The video, which you can have a gander at down below, shows just what would happen if Ronaldo was suddenly booted from the football world and made to live a life of petty crime. It’s actually a very well done video and we get to see the ex-Manchester United star (why did you leave us?!) boot a ball at a passing motorcyclist with hilarious results.

Take a nosey at the video down yonder.

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