Crystalline Curse – New World Legendary Crafted Ice Gauntlet

Crystalline Curse new world ice gauntlet

What is the Crystalline Curse Ice Gauntlet?

Crystalline Curse is a Legendary Ice Gauntlet in New World. In this article we go over how to get the Crystalline Curse and what the requirements are. It is one of the many Legendary Ice Gauntlets that exist in the game. Some of these are dropped by enemies, others are in chests, some are crafted recipes, and some are quest lines to craft a specific weapon.

Crystalline Curse Stats At 600 Gear Score

  • 600 Gear Score
  • 56 Base Damage
  • 3.0% Critical Hit Chance
  • 1.3 Critical Damage Multiplier
  • 44.0 Block Stamina Damage
  • 44.0 Stagger Damage
  • 30% Block Stability
  • 168 Ice Damage
  • 30 Intelligence

Perks on Legendary Crystalline Curse – New World

Empty Gem Socket: An empty socket for a gem.
Unending Thaw: Frost effects remains on enemies for 2 seconds after exiting Ice Storm.
Refreshing Move: Light and Heavy attacks reduce your active weapon cooldowns by 2.8%.
Enchanted: Light and Heavy attacks deal 9.6% more damage.

How To Get Crystalline Curse in New World

The Legendary Crystalline Curse Ice Gauntlet is crafted from the Recipe: Crystalline Curse. To craft it, you will need level 200 Arcana and a Tier 5 Arcane Repository in the settlement you are crafting it in. You will also need these ingredients:

The Artifact Eternal Ice can either be purchased from another player, or found as a drop in zones that are level 58+. Here is the list of enemies that can drop the Eternal Ice Artifact to crafted the Legendary Crystalline Curse Ice Gauntlet:

Putris60BeastZone Level 58+
Tzi-Wang the Immovable62AncientZone Level 58+
Dau-Shen the Unstoppable62AncientZone Level 58+
The Surgeon60AncientZone Level 58+
Demos66AncientZone Level 58+
Palas66AncientZone Level 58+
Alcyon66AncientZone Level 58+
Khamruset Arcanist66AncientZone Level 58+
Dolos66AncientZone Level 58+
Damysys66AncientZone Level 58+
Asterus66AncientZone Level 58+
Gnasher60BeastZone Level 58+
Daisy the Dancing Bear62BeastZone Level 58+
Maceo65Angry EarthZone Level 58+
Mirepaw62Angry EarthZone Level 58+
Pride of the Trees66Angry EarthZone Level 58+
The Blight Bringer60Angry EarthZone Level 58+
Alluvium Marl, the Caretaker66Angry EarthZone Level 58+
Mozrul the Herald60CorruptedZone Level 58+
Leviathan of the Deep66CorruptedZone Level 58+
Myrkgard Ogre66CorruptedZone Level 58+
Caminus Gate Lord61CorruptedZone Level 58+
Pit Lord Daehi62CorruptedZone Level 58+
Corrupted Excubitor Luca60CorruptedZone Level 58+
Captain Thorpe66CorruptedZone Level 58+
Myrkgard Commander66CorruptedZone Level 58+
Overseer Levy61CorruptedZone Level 58+
High Priest Oseguera60CorruptedZone Level 58+
Archmagister Vocus66CorruptedZone Level 58+
Disciple of Disorder66CorruptedZone Level 58+
Artifex Faetum66CorruptedZone Level 58+
Baines62Angry EarthZone Level 58+
Malevolence62Angry EarthZone Level 58+
Fay the Last Protector64Angry EarthZone Level 58+
Adjorjan60Angry EarthZone Level 58+
Cael62Angry EarthZone Level 58+
Shrine Master Zhang60CorruptedZone Level 58+
Shrine Master Feng59CorruptedZone Level 58+
Shrine Master Yang62CorruptedZone Level 58+
Serenity Maiden Liu60CorruptedZone Level 58+
Skysong Maiden Ping60CorruptedZone Level 58+
Palace Maiden Xiao62CorruptedZone Level 58+
Visti59CorruptedZone Level 58+
Erlander62CorruptedZone Level 58+
Prince Goroto62CorruptedZone Level 58+
Unhallowed Soul of Myrkgard60CorruptedZone Level 58+
Sophos Remus65LostZone Level 58+
Farley59LostZone Level 58+
Phobos62LostZone Level 58+
Hypnos62LostZone Level 58+
Morphos62LostZone Level 58+
Cilla66AncientZone Level 58+
The Blighted Greenskeeper66Angry EarthZone Level 58+
Tolos66AncientZone Level 58+
Fulg’da66Angry EarthZone Level 58+
Forcos66Angry EarthZone Level 58+
Taxodius66Angry EarthZone Level 58+
Tax’i66Angry EarthZone Level 58+
O’dus66Angry EarthZone Level 58+
Thorn of the Heartwood62Angry EarthZone Level 58+
Kotemos65Angry EarthZone Level 58+
Guardian of the Light64Angry EarthZone Level 58+
Gorgyri66Angry EarthZone Level 58+
Morphian66Angry EarthZone Level 58+
Barder65Angry EarthZone Level 58+
The Grotto’s Thorn60Angry EarthZone Level 58+
Viridulon the Rootbound66Angry EarthZone Level 58+
Circes65Angry EarthZone Level 58+
Articulon the Unshackled60CorruptedZone Level 58+
Captured Tiger60BeastZone Level 58+
Chardis66AncientZone Level 58+
The Siren’s Fist63LostZone Level 58+
Mordici the Mortician60LostZone Level 58+
Slayer Rosellen60LostZone Level 58+
The Siren’s Guide63LostZone Level 58+
The Siren’s Dog65LostZone Level 58+
Smoothbore Samuel60LostZone Level 58+
Ironcast Ingvald60LostZone Level 58+
The Siren’s Brute64LostZone Level 58+
The Siren’s Gun63LostZone Level 58+
Ivan the Inevitable60LostZone Level 58+
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