Diablo 2 Resurrected (D2R) Gem Guide

Precious gems in D2R have magical powers and abilities that affect items in the game. These gems can be used to create powerful magical effects when placed in a socketed object and also used in the Horadric cube for various recipes. 

Only weapons, helms and shields are able tobe socketed . Each item has a different number sockets ranging from one to six. Shields have 1 to 4, weapons 1 to 6, and body armor 1 to 4. Helms have 1 to 3 sockets.

Gems can’t be removed from a socket once they have been inserted without being destroyed

Touching a gemstone shrine will either produce a gem, or upgrade one gem (randomly selected from your character’s inventories) to the next grade. 

There are 7 types of gems with 5 qualities available in Diablo 2 Resurrected:

  • Chipped
  • Flawed
  • Standard
  • Flawless
  • Perfect

How to Remove Gems in D2R

What is Needed?Result
1x Hel rune + 1x Scroll of Town Portal
1x Socketed Item with gems
Remove Gems
Destroys gems (and anything else) in the socket
Removing Gems in D2R

Gem Shrines

Gem Shrines will be found while exploring each act in Diablo. Gem Shrines shrine will randomly choose a gem from your inventory and upgrade it to the next level.

When using a gem shrine, you will receive a chipped quality gem from an unknown variety if you don’t have a Gem in inventory and If you have one or more Gems, it will randomly upgrade one.

You can farm gem shrines if you are really serious about getting as many germs as possible. Just find a map in the Stony Field, with at least two shrines close to the waypoint. This is the fastest method to farm gem shrines within D2R. Note that Shrines do not recharge.

How to Upgrade Gems in D2R?

The below table outlines what is needed to upgrade gems in the Horadric Cube.

Gem TierGems Needed
1 Flawed Gem3x Chipped Gems of the same type
1 Regular Gem3x Flawed Gems of the same type
1 Flawless Gem3x Regular Gems of the same type
1 Perfect Gem3x Flawless Gems of the same type
Upgrading Gems in Diablo 2 Resurrected

All Gems in Diablo 2 Resurrected (Chart)

TierPictureGemCharacter LevelDrops
I  Chipped Topaz1A1
I  Chipped Skull1A1
I  Chipped Sapphire1A1
I  Chipped Ruby1A1
I  Chipped Emerald1A1
I  Chipped Diamond1A1
I  Chipped Amethyst1A1
II  Flawed Topaz5A2
II  Flawed Skull5A2
II  Flawed Sapphire5A2
II  Flawed Ruby5A2
II  Flawed Emerald5A2
II  Flawed Diamond5A2
II  Flawed Amethyst5A2
III  Topaz12A3
III  Skull12A3
III  Sapphire12A3
III  Ruby12A3
III  Emerald12A3
III  Diamond12A3
III  Amethyst12A3
IV  Flawless Topaz15Nightmare
IV  Flawless Skull15 Nightmare
IV  Flawless Sapphire15 Nightmare
IV  Flawless Ruby15 Nightmare
IV  Flawless Emerald15 Nightmare
IV  Flawless Diamond15 Nightmare
IV  Flawless Amethyst15 Nightmare
V  Perfect Topaz18Forge/Cube
V  Perfect Skull18Forge/Cube
V  Perfect Sapphire18Forge/Cube
V  Perfect Ruby18Forge/Cube
V  Perfect Emerald18Forge/Cube
V  Perfect Diamond18Forge/Cube
V  Perfect Amethyst18Forge/Cube
Gems in D2R

Skulls in D2R

Some skulls of demonic creatures are inscribed with eldritch symbol and work like gems.

PictureQualityBody/Head ArmorShields Weapons
    Chipped Skull+2 Replenish Life
Regenerate Mana 8%
Attacker Takes 4 DamageSteals 2% Life, 1% Mana
    Flawed Skull+3 Replenish Life
Regenerate Mana 8%
Attacker Takes 8 DamageSteals 3% Life, 1% Mana
    Skull+3 Replenish Life
Regenerate Mana 12%
Attacker Takes 12 DamageSteals 3% Life, 2% Mana
    Flawless Skull+4 Replenish Life
Regenerate Mana 12%
Attacker Takes 16 DamageSteals 4% Life, 3% Mana
    Perfect Skull+5 Replenish Life
Regenerate Mana 19%
Attacker Takes 20 DamageSteals 5% Life, 3% Mana
Skulls in Diablo 2 Resurrected

Rubies in D2R

Red gems are rubies, which are socketable in D2R which represent fire and life.

PictureQualityBody/Head ArmorShields Weapons
 Chipped Ruby+10 Life+12 Resist Fire+3-4 Fire Damage
  Flawed Ruby+17 Life+16 Resist Fire+5-8 Fire Damage
  Ruby+24 Life+22 Resist Fire+8-12 Fire Damage
  Flawless Ruby+31 Life+28 Resist Fire+10-16 Fire Damage
  Perfect Ruby+38 Life+40 Resist Fire+15-20 Fire Damage
Rubies in Diablo 2 Resurrected

Diamonds in D2R

Diamonds can be socketed into items and are white which represents the light.

PictureQuality Body/Head Armor Shields    Weapons
  Chipped Diamond+20 Attack Rating+6% Resist All+28% Damage vs. Undead
  Flawed Diamond+40 Attack Rating+8% Resist All+34% Damage vs. Undead
  Diamond+60 Attack Rating+11% Resist All+44% Damage vs. Undead
  Flawless Diamond+80 Attack Rating+14% Resist All+54% Damage vs. Undead
  Perfect Diamond+100 Attack Rating+19% Resist All+68% Damage vs. Undead
Diamonds in Diablo 2 Resurrected

Emeralds in D2R

Emeralds add Poison damage to Weapons and Shields. In Armor and Helms it increases Dexterity.

Picture Quality Body/Head Armor Shields  Weapons
  Chipped Emerald+3 Dexterity+12% Resist Poison+10 Poison Damage/3 sec
  Flawed Emerald+4 Dexterity+16% Resist Poison+20 Poison Damage/4 sec
  Emerald+6 Dexterity+22% Resist Poison+40 Poison Damage/5 sec
  Flawless Emerald+8 Dexterity+28% Resist Poison+60 Poison Damage/6 sec
  Perfect Emerald+10 Dexterity+40% Resist Poison+100 Poison Damage/7 sec
Emeralds in Diablo 2 Resurrected

Amethysts in D2R

Amethysts offer bonuses related to their color, just like all other Gems. Amethyst’s purple color symbolizes Endurance and Vitality, granting strength and defense.

Picture Quality Body/Head Armor Shields     Weapons
  Chipped Amethyst+3 Strength+8 Defense+40 Attack Rating
  Flawed Amethyst+4 Strength+12 Defense+60 Attack Rating
  Amethyst+6 Strength+18 Defense+80 Attack Rating
  Flawless Amethyst+8 Strength+24 Defense+100 Attack Rating
  Perfect Amethyst+10 Strength+30 Defense+120 Attack Rating
Amethysts in Diablo 2 Resurrected

Topaz’s in D2R

Topaz’s yellow color signifies the Elemental power Lightning and represents prosperity. It adds Lightning-related bonuses to Weapons and Shields. In Armor and Helms it increases Magic Find.

Picture Quality Body/Head Armor Shields       Weapons
  Chipped Topaz+9% Magic Find+12% Resist Lightning+1-8 Lightning Damage
  Flawed Topaz+13% Magic Find+16% Resist Lightning+1-14 Lightning Damage
  Topaz+16% Magic Find+22% Resist Lightning+1-22 Lightning Damage
  Flawless Topaz+20% Magic Find+28% Resist Lightning+1-30 Lightning Damage
  Perfect Topaz+24% Magic Find+40% Resist Lightning+1-40 Lightning Damage
Topaz’s in Diablo 2 Resurrected

Sapphires in D2R

The Elemental power of cold is represented by the blue in Sapphires. It adds cold-related bonuses to Weapons and Shields, and it boosts mana in helms and body armour.

Picture Quality Body/Head Armor Shields        Weapons
  Chipped Amethyst+10 Maximum Mana+12% Resist Cold+1-3 Cold Damage
  Flawed Sapphire+17 Maximum Mana+16% Resist Cold+3-5 Cold Damage
  Sapphire+24 Maximum Mana+22% Resist Cold+4-7 Cold Damage
  Flawless Sapphire+31 Maximum Mana+28% Resist Cold+6-10 Cold Damage
  Perfect Sapphire+38 Maximum Mana+40% Resist Cold+10-14 Cold Damage
Sapphires in Diablo 2 Resurrected