Dark Cloud 2 (Dark Chronicle) – How to Increase Health and Defense

If you are anything like many Dark Cloud 2 / Dark Chronicle players, you might be wondering, “Why is Dark Cloud 2 so hard?”. The chances are, possibly you have been playing the game and progressing through, but missing a key to make it easier.

In Dark Cloud 2, it seems very easy to die to enemies. Enemies are just too hard to kill, and do way too much damage. There is one thing that can help you survive longer: Potato Pies, Witch Parfait, and Eden Fruits.

These items are scattered around Palm Brinks as well as the future world at different points of the game. As you adventure forward and change the future, new small chests, called “Miracle Chests”, will spawn in the future world.

Go to the future and you can see these chest around, open them and they will have one of these 3 items in them.


Witch Parfait – Increases Monica’s Defense.

Potato Pie – Increases Max’s Defense.

Fruit of Eden – Increases HP – Can be applied to either character.

Where to Find All Potato Pies, Fruit of Eden, and Witch Parfait

The locations below can be found on the Dark Cloud 2 wiki page, but we have shown them below to save you a click!

Palm Brinks

As Palm Brinks has no Georama mode available or accessible future location, all chests spawn throughout the city, with a single one in the Underground Water Channel‘s Channel Entrance, and only require you to beat a specific floor.

Jurak Mall

From this point on, chests require you to achieve a certain Georama condition, sometimes coupled with beating a specific dungeon floor. All items are only found in the Jurak Mall.

Starlight Temple

Lunatic Wisdom Laboratories

Gundorada Workshop

Moon Flower Palace

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