Dark Souls: The Novel. Simultaneous release in Japan and the U.S. this fall. Text by Star wars and Gears of War renowned Sci-fi author.

Dark Souls: The Novel: Masque of Vindiction
Dark Souls: The Novel: Masque of Vindiction

Dark Souls, the action RPG by From Software, the creators of the worldwide hit “Elden Ring” and “Sekiro,” will be revived in novel form this fall.

The novelization of this dark fantasy epic, which has sold a total of 31 million copies worldwide since its release in 2011 and is still loved by many fans, will be written by Michael A. Stackpole, a world-renowned American author of numerous science fiction and fantasy works, including the “Star Wars” series.

The game’s massive worldview has been preserved, while the thrilling original story of a man surviving in a harsh world is depicted on an epic scale and with overwhelming catharsis. And what’s more, it will be released simultaneously in Japan and the U.S. The one and only dark fantasy game that has gained overwhelming support will finally be released this fall.

Dark Souls: The Novel Title: Masque of Vindiction


In an underground cemetery, a man who was supposed to be dead wakes up in the dark and gradually regains his senses.

The man had lost most of his memory, including his name. From the surrounding circumstances, it seems that the burial team anticipated the man’s resurrection and tried to keep him locked up here, but the unexpected grave robbers unexpectedly broke the seal.

The corpse of the grave robber lying in front of him unexpectedly begins to move and attacks the man.

The man remembers that he is a magician and defeats the grave robber with a magical light that he shoots from the palm of his hand. Then, the man’s memories of the tomb-robber’s life flow into his mind.

Outside the cemetery, the desert spreads out at night, and from the starry sky, the man knows that a long time has passed since his death, and he decides to name himself “Phelanos,” the letters engraved on the outer wall of the cemetery.

The man awakens from his sleep, takes his name, and with the dagger dropped by the grave robber in his hand, sets off on a grand adventure guided by destiny…

Author: Michael A. Stackpole / Japanese Translator: Hitoshi Yasuda, Sakuya Haneda

(Author’s Profile) from PR times

Michael A. Stackpole: Lives and works in Arizona, USA. Novelist, game designer, graphic novelist, screenwriter, podcaster, computer game designer, and editor.

In addition to his New York Times bestselling novels, “I, Jedi” and “Rogue Squadron”, he is the author of numerous Star Wars, Gears of War, Conan, BattleTech, World of Warcraft Pathfinder, Dark Conspiracy, and numerous other science fiction and video game related works. He owns an asteroid (165612) named after himself outside the orbit of Mars. In his spare time, he enjoys gaming, cooking, and dancing. His published works in Japan include Star Wars: The Dark Currents (two volumes), Star Wars: The Invasion of Aisoa (two volumes), and The City of Fear (T&T Adventure Series).

Scheduled to go on sale on October 25, 2022 (Tuesday)

Simultaneous release in Japan and the U.S. (U.S. publisher: Yen Press, LLC)


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