David Cage-“PlayStation 3 is still a very powerful console”

While a lot of gamers and industry analysts are eagerly awaiting the announcements of the next-gen consoles, there are still some who think that this generation is far from powered out.

David Cage, founder of Quantic Dream believes people will be surprised when they see what their upcoming game Beyond: Two Souls can do.

Some developers would be hesitant to bring out a new game, let alone develop a brand new exclusive I.P for a console that is approaching the end of it’s lifecycle.

David Cage’s response offers more of an insight into why it’s not such a bad thing:

“Actually, I am not that interested in technology. I like what it allows me to do on the creative side, but any technology, no matter how good it is, is only a tool. It is the pen to write the book, but not the book. If you have no vision and no idea, the best technology won’t make your game any better, just as the best pen won’t make a great book. But if you have something to say, it gives you the means to say it better.

“Regarding Beyond, I feel fortunate to be making a game at the end of this console cycle. This is the moment where we will have the largest installed base. PlayStation 3 is still a very powerful console, and we discovered on Beyond that we could do much more with it than we initially thought. I think that with Beyond, people will be surprised at what the console can do.”


Bold claims, but when you look at the screenshot’s for Beyond: Two Souls, it certainly is impressive what can be done with the current generation hardware.

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