Dead Island: Retro Revenge Rated

We’ve heard whispers of a Dead Island remaster for the current generation of consoles – we’ve even seen a retail listing – but now we have something a little more official: a rating from the Aussie ratings board.

The rating in question seems, at first glance, to be for the long-rumoured Dead Island remaster. Strangely, the title referred to by the Australian ratings board isn’t simply Dead Island: Remastered, but is instead Dead Island: Retro Revenge.

What’s also curious, aside from the name, is that the game only features “moderate” violence. Anybody who’s laid hands on a Dead Island game knows that the violence is anything but moderate, so we’re inclined to think that Dead Island: Retro Revenge isn’t the remaster, but is a spin-off of sorts. There’s not much else to go on but we’ll hear more soon enough from publisher Koch Media now that the cat is out of the bag.

A true successor to Dead Island is due out sometime this year with Dead Island 2, providing it isn’t struck by any more delays.

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