Deal: Bloodborne is Just $29.99 at GameStop

Games aren’t cheap these days. As games have become bigger, better (sometimes) and more technology driven, those costs get passed on to the consumers. Granted, they could be a lot higher, but the current retail prices are still a little too high for everyone to be able to get each and every game at full price on release day.

Thankfully, then, we have great deals that pop up every so often that give players a chance to pick up their most wanted games at a massive discount. Today we’re happy to tell you that GameStop is offering the PS4 exclusive Bloodborne for a devilishly low price. Instead of the usual $59.99 it’ll only cost $29.99 thanks to GameStop offering $30 via the GameStop App and the Power Up Rewards website.

Not too shabby, eh? You’ve got until August 9th to redeem this offer else you’ll be sat in the dark waiting for another price-cut to come along.

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